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Skateboards For Kids

Buying Guide of Best Skateboards for Kids In 2022

Skateboarding is an excellent activity for children. It is the most favorite sport of fun-loving children. Skateboarding will keep your child outdoors and active, which is very important for healthy physical development. It helps in the development of coordination, is a full-body workout, and children learn patience.

Start your child’s skateboarding journey at a young age, as the sooner they learn, the better they get at it. The essential requirement for learning skateboarding is high-quality equipment. If you choose the right equipment, learning becomes more manageable.

For children, you need a skateboard that is lightweight and appropriate size. Here we have a comprehensive guide on Skateboarding with the proper recommendations suitable for every age.


Pandemic has significantly lowered the physical activity for young children. It is the right time to get them outdoors with Skateboarding. The 2022 market is full of equipment with advanced technology, super high-quality material, and even great designs suitable for kids.

Keeping the children and age requirements, we have categorically listed below the best skateboards for kids.

The Best Skateboards For 2-3 Years Old In 2022


Rude Boyz Mini Cruiser

Skateboard for Kids (2-3 Years Old)

Rude Boyz Mini Cruiser Pricing

$25.00 $25.00
For Kids (2-3 Years Old)
You can click on this link to see Rude Boyz Mini Cruiser Skateboard.
  • Durable wooden material.
  • Deck size small, which is suitable for 2-3 years old.
  • Safety grip Tape attached.
  • Super smooth ride due to ABEC-7 bearings.
  • Has various heat transfer patterns.
  • Aesthetic looks and attractive designs for kids.
  • Slippery wheels (easily slip on tiles, hardwood, etc.)

A Mini- Cruiser is the best choice of Skateboard to start skateboarding. Cruiser highly stresses the features, quality, and style. Rude Boyz skateboard’s decks are made of top-quality wood and are very reliable for young children. The bearings of a mini-cruiser are ABEC-7 rated and use high-quality urethane for making wheels.

Metal infused with steel carbon can take a high impact to make the bearings. The rude Boyz Mini Cruiser can bear wear and tear, and the wheels significantly reduce friction due to the material. It will make cruising easy, and kids learn effortlessly.

Besides the reliability and durability of the material, their skateboards have many designs. Some had fitted LED lights, has funky prints from dinosaurs to barbies to anything your kiddo wants. Bright colors and funky designs are significant for little monsters to keep them engaged and happy.

To support beginners, the design of the cruiser skateboard has sizes ranging from 16-25 inches long, and you can choose accordingly. The Skateboard also comes with a safety belt that the kid will wear. This safety belt will hold them and avoid falling while cruising.


Complete Skateboard By PlayWheels

Best Skateboard For Kids (2-3 Years Old)

PlayWheels Ultimate Spider-Man 28″ Complete Kids Trick Skateboard, Red

For Kids (2-3 Years Old)
Go web go! This children’s starter skateboard is a great choice for any Spiderman fan looking to develop their skateboarding skills! The PlayWheels Ul…

The Playwheels skateboards come in three designs. These are designed especially for different ages from 2-3 years old and learning other skills. The Complete Skateboard is intended primarily to develop their balance.

Their wooden deck is made of maple wood and is very solid. The ball bearing and wheels are of high-quality material. It reduces friction, and cruising becomes easy for children. Their 21- inches deck design has a double kick feature, and kids can easily control stopping and cruising.

For the first-time learner, this is the best pick among all the skateboards available in the market. The design supports balance, and hence it is easier for children to learn Skateboarding. Playwheel Complete Skateboard comes with a helmet and has bright colors and cool prints on it. It comes in patterns like- Spiderman, Superman, flowers, etc.

  • Durable wooden deck.
  • Composite truck attached.
  • Feature of double kick.
  • Support balance for very young children.
  • Affordable.
  • Various sizes for each child (depending on the height and weight of children you can choose).
  • The Composite truck and deck come separately and later on assembled.
  • Packaging is complicated and hence time-consuming to take off all the plastic.

Merkapa Complete Skateboard 2021

Skateboard for Kids (2-3 Years Old)

Merkapa Complete Skateboard 2021 Pricing

$44.77 $49.99
For Kids (2-3 Years Old)
You can check by clicking on the above link.

This Skateboard comes with an LED light fitted in it and glows every time your kid rolls. This Skateboard will also glow up your kid’s face with happiness. It’s an instant hit in the skateboard market.

Merkapa Complete Skateboard is for beginners and best suited for your 2-3-year-olds. It consists of high-quality plastic, and hence it’s lightweight. Children learn faster with Merkapa skateboard as they can easily balance and cruise.

Merkapa uses high-quality Polypropylene for durability and strength. ABEC-7 bearings fitted in plastic boards. This Skateboard is the best choice for your child. The LED light makes it even edgier.

  • Deck size varies from 17-22 inches.
  • Plastic lightweight Deck.
  • Available in 11 colors.
  • Have LED lights.
  • ABEC-7 rated ball bearings for easy cruising.
  • Expensive.

The Best Skateboards For 4-7 Years Old In 2022

When looking for a skateboard for an older child ranging from age 4 to 7 years, one must consider two things. First, if the child already knows how to skateboard, the child is beginning his skateboarding journey.

Many children have been practicing Skateboarding since a very young age, and they will need advanced boards. At the same time, some who are beginners will need skateboards with a deck that supports them and balance to learn quickly.


White Fang Skateboard

Skateboard for Kids (4-7 Years Old)

White Fang Skateboard Pricing

$42.99 $49.99
For Kids (4-7 Years Old)
72 days left
You can check by clicking on the above link.

This Skateboard is best suited for beginners but works well for experienced children too. It has a solid deck built out of Canadian Maple wood with a 7-layer Ply. It can easily bear the weight of any child even up to age 12—a sturdy piece for the young rookies.

The truck of this Skateboard is made of high-grade aluminum alloy and has strong wheels. It is accessible to cruise, and children can learn to balance on it quickly. It has a double kick feature, and the concave on deck is very helpful in teaching tricks on board. It also comes with various designs printed on it and bold, bright colors.

  • Size range ideal for children between 4-7 years.
  • A sturdy wooden deck made of Canadian Maple.
  • Aluminum truck and high-quality material for the wheel.
  • Excellent grip on board.
  • The paint on board is not that great; it comes off easily.

Skateboards By PHOEROS

Skateboards for Kids (4-7 Years Old)

Skateboards By PHOEROS Pricing

$39.99 $44.99
For Kids (4-7 Years Old)
72 days left
You can check by clicking on the above link.

Phoeros is synonymous with high-quality skateboarding equipment. Their skateboards are versatile, aesthetically pleasing, sturdy, and made of fine materials. Photos boards have a wrapped design on both ends of the board. It supports maneuvering and cruising in style. The surface of the board is a material that is water-proof and also provides excellent grip. The Skateboard’s deck is more extended and broader, which increases its stability.

Beginners can easily balance on it, while the little rookies can easily pop some moves in style. The wheels of the Skateboard can be loosened and tightened depending on the surface to roll on.

It comes fully assembled and is an affordable option. With high rebound wheels in the price range of Phoeros, these skateboards are an excellent investment. They last long, and younger children in the family can use them too.

  • Sturdy wooden deck.
  • Compatible design for cruising and maneuvering.
  • Adjustable wheel and bearings.
  • Affordable.
  • Sometimes they slip on the hardwood.
  • The graphic might not be appropriate for kids, so choose a somber design that is child-friendly.

PRO Skateboard By KPC

Skateboard for Kids(4-7 Years Old)

PRO Skateboard By KPC Pricing

$39.95 $39.99
For Kids (4-7 Years Old)
72 days left
You can check by clicking on the above link.

A perfect beginners board. KPR Pro Skateboard has a sturdy wooden deck made of 7-PLY Maple wood. It has an aluminum truck made of fine metal and ball bearings rated AEBC-7.

PRO skateboards have wheels made of urethane which reduces friction and increases the gliding movement of wheels. It’s easy to balance and provides grip. This Skateboard has a safety grip tape as added precautionary steps. It comes in many designs like the classic checkered design, plain bold colors, etc.

The KPC Pro Skateboard comes fully assembled and is ready to work after taking it out of the box. The wheels and bearings can be adjusted by either tightening or loosening, depending on preference. This board is suitable for children of any height and weight between 4-7 years.

  • Canadian maple deck that lasts long.
  • Gliding wheels and less friction.
  • Back grip safety band.
  • Highly versatile design.
  • Affordable.
  • Wheels are not as fast compared to the two other skateboards mentioned above.

Standard Board By Gonex

Skateboard for Kids (4-7 Years Old)

Standard Board By Gonex Pricing

$34.99 $39.99
For Kids (4-7 Years Old)
72 days left
You can check by clicking on the above link.

This Skateboard is amongst the prominent skateboards because it’s connected to Latin America. A perfect

Gonex Standard board has a 9-layer Ply Maple wood deck. The deck has a double kick feature and a concave to extend support while cruising. Gonex skateboards are best known for their stylish prints and colors. Only the rad funky design is enough to convince your child to pick it up.

Gonex standard board also has excellent grip and hence is suitable for beginners as well as pro. The aluminum truck attached to it is of high-grade metal. It has 858 PU cast wheels for smooth riding, and the carbon steel bearings are ABEC-7 rated. These features make it a fit for smooth as well as rough surfaces.

It comes pre-assembled and has a practical guiding manual.

  • Appealing design.
  • Affordable.
  • Highly sturdy due to 9 layer maple wood.
  • Packaging is not so good.

The Best Skateboards For 8-12 Years Old In 2022

Children in this age group have varying weights and heights as they are increasing. They need a skateboard that has a strong deck and bears the wear and tear.


Complete Skateboard By Rimable

Skateboard for Kids (8-12 Years)

Complete Skateboard By Rimable Pricing

$25.99 $31.99
For Kids (8-12 Years)
72 days left
You can check by clicking on the above link.

Rimable’s complete Skateboard is the top pick for children between 8-12 years old. The deck is 22 inches long. The deck consists of robust and sturdy plastic material- Polyurethane. The deck is 6 inches wide and pretty long. It is effortless to balance and maneuver.

The truck attached to the deck consists of high-quality aluminum and ball bearings, and the wheel tightly connects to it. It comes completely assembled and needs no tightening etc.

The wheels are super smooth, and PU wheels reduce friction and make gliding easy. It can easily bear up to 90 Kgs of weight. Rimable Complete Skateboard 22 inches comes in various colors like black and pastels like nude and beige. It can be easily customized too, according to the design of your liking.

  • A longer and broader deck.
  • The plastic deck, which lasts long.
  • It comes in many colors.
  • Strong ball bearing.
  • PU super smooth wheels.
  • Affordable.
  • Beginners need some time to control the speed.
  • The bearings are a little too tight.

Gift Set Complete Skateboard By Skitch

Skateboard for Kids (8-12 Years)

Gift Set Complete Skateboard By Skitch Pricing

$69.97 $69.99
For Kids (8-12 Years)
72 days left
You can check by clicking on the above link.

Skitch has given the skateboard market a rise in standards. Their complete gift set comes with a 22 inches skateboard in bright halo color made of high-quality material. You also get a tool kit and a tote bag to keep your board and tools altogether in the gift set. Perfect for gifting it to your child or even grown-ups in the family.

Skitch skateboard comes in two beautiful colors Blue Galaxy and Purple galaxy, which have a halo look and beautiful shine to the board. The deck is made of high-quality Polyurethane and is 22 inches long and 6 inches wide. It is lightweight, easy to carry, and controlled while learning. Kids quickly learn to balance and cruise on skitch skateboards. It has adjustable bearings and smooth wheels. Kids who already know Skateboarding can also use it for practicing their new cruising movements as it is soft and lightweight

  • Lightweight deck.
  • Durable and water-resistant.
  • Smooth wheels and easily adjustable bearings.
  • It comes with a mini tool kit.
  • Long and wide deck in beautiful halo colors.
  • Affordable.
  • Slips on the hardwood.
  • Bearings are a little too tight.
  • Limited color options.

Long 32 Inch Maple Skateboard By Minority

Skateboard for Kids (8-12 Years)

Long 32 Inch Maple Skateboard By Minority Pricing

$39.89 $40.00
For Kids (8-12 Years)
72 days left
You can check by clicking on the above link.

The company has a wide range of skateboards, and this skateboard brand is well known for its fair price despite some of the most popular brands that charge a lot for their skateboards. The company came into force in 2010 and became highly successful in no time. The name SCSK8 is the abbreviation of southern California stak

Minority skateboards are known for their high quality and durability. They have a more extended deck than usual, 22 inches. Their wooden deck is 32 inches long and 8 inches wide. It is convenient for beginners to learn. The deck is solid maple wood. The deck has 7-PLY layers, which are cold-pressed together and are 100% naturally obtained.

The truck is 5 inches wide, attached to high-quality aluminum alloy, and has carbon steel pins. Smooth PU wheels which glide buttery smooth are attached and high speed supported by features like AEBC-9 precision bearings, made with chrome steel and 102-A PU wheels.

Minority skateboards have infused all the new technology available in their equipment. This Skateboard makes it a super sturdy and robust one that can be of use to younger children. Minority 32 inches Maple skateboards come in many appealing designs like vintage colors and prints. Kid-friendly prints are also available, like superheroes and various well-known cartoon prints.

  • A longer and broader deck.
  • High-quality aluminum alloy for bearings.
  • Smooth PU wheels with an AEBC-9 rating.
  • It comes in various colors and designs.
  • Grip tape is not of good quality, and it comes off easily.
  • Wheels attached too tight.

What is the Correct Age to Start your Child’s Skateboarding Journey?

There are many opinions about the right age for children to start learning Skateboarding. Some say that the best period is 5-6 years. Many physical trainers believe that children as young as 2-3 years old can also start learning. In a nutshell, the right age to start rolling on board is between 3-8 years old.

Parents should consider the following things before they decide to train their children.

  • The coordination and development pattern of their child. Pediatrics advises that you must understand the child’s abilities before undertaking any physical activity for a child. Every child had different levels of balance, physical coordination, and reaction. Some children are a bit slow and take time to learn, which is ok. While some are active and take up activities and understand them very skillfully. Observe your child and, depending on that, decide when to start the kid’s training on the skateboard.
  • Children younger than four years are in the prime of developing their muscles and new to coordination in the body. Injuries at this age can be very damaging. They have soft bones, newly forming muscles fibers, and the impact due to injury can be massive. If you desire to buy a skateboard for like 2-3 years old, make sure to teach them only balancing on board. Safety is paramount; someone experienced should be with children. The child must have proper safety gear like knee pads, and a helmet is indispensable.
  • Invest in a very high-quality skateboard. Buying the right skateboard can avoid many injuries and difficulties in learning the sport. A lightweight skateboard has smooth wheels, and adjustable bearings are desirable. This skateboard will provide safety, balance and will aid in learning.

How to begin Skateboarding for Children Below the Age of 4 Years?

Skateboard for Kids (Below 4 Years)

Four years and above is the best age to start your child’s skateboarding journey. By four years, children begin to develop coordination and have reactions to situations. They also listen to parents and heed instructions.

You can start with a mini-cruiser and teach them to balance and some gentle glides with the board. Make sure to buy a cruiser that has a lightweight deck. The deck should not be too long and too broad. Lastly, supervise them all the time. Also, make sure your child is wearing proper safety gear like- knee pads and helmets. Shoes with a good grip work well on the Skateboard. You can take them to skate parks and outdoors to make Skateboarding more fun for them.

How to Begin Skateboarding for 5-6 Years Old Children?

Skateboard for Kids (5-6 Years)
how to choose the best skateboard for 6 year old kids 6 675x1024 1

Children in the age group of 5-6 years old are very active. They have more developed motor coordination than four years old. This Skateboard is the best time to keep them engaged and train them in balance and coordination with Skateboarding.

Children in this age group can understand instructions better and have a keen focus. They quickly learn balancing. After a few months of practice, only they can balance on board well and start riding. You can teach them different cruising techniques. You need a sturdy deck for 5-6 years old that can easily accommodate their weight and height. Make sure that the board you are buying has a good aluminum truck and soft PU-rated wheels. Safety gear like helmets, gloves, and knee pads must be worn to avoid serious falling injuries by children.

How to Begin Skateboarding for Children Above 6 Years of Age?

Skateboard for Kids (Above 6 Years)

If you haven’t started any skateboarding lessons with your child, this is the right time to start. Children over the age of 6 years are easy to teach. They can understand techniques and remember their lessons. You can teach them many gliding and cruising techniques.

The child above 6 years has developed coordination in the body. They have better reactions to any problem in training, like a slippery surface and unsuitable Skateboard. You can buy them 16-22 inches longboards and teach them. The board should be hardy, and the best are wooden boards. Make sure to provide them with high-quality safety gear like knee pads, elbow pads, and helmets.

What is the Best Skateboard for my Child?

Every Skateboard is right but choosing the “right” one for your child is difficult. In the above headers, we have discussed what age is right for your child to learn Skateboarding. Some fantastic recommendations for various skateboards are also listed above. Now, it’s time to discuss how to choose the “right one” for your child.

Every child is different and has different competencies. Some might be comfortable with longboards, while some glide smoothly with a mini-cruiser. The prints and designs your child likes also vary. Depending on all these factors, we have listed some points to keep in mind before buying your child’s first Skateboard.

Height of your Child

Typically it is believed that taller children need longer and wider skateboards. It is not all true. After some research, we have got a size guide for you that will help you buy the right Skateboard for your child.

Children with a height of 3’4 ft. need a 6-7 inches long deck for learning skateboarding. You can choose width depending on the shoe size, which is also very important.

Children with height up to 4ft need a 7-8 inches long skateboard. This Skateboard will be easy for them to learn to cruise. Children with height up to 5ft need a skateboard with 8 inches or more extended deck.

Weight of your Child

The weight is vital because children at this age are increasing. Their weight also keeps varying. They have high metabolic rates, with some physical activities can lose weight quickly.

Hence if your child weighs more, make sure to buy a sturdy board. Many brands use cheap ply and have mere 3-4 layers, which can’t bear much weight and break easily. Try to find a skateboard with Maple wood or, if plastic, makes sure it can carry weight up to 50 kilograms. Because during Skateboarding, the body mass and center of gravity keep shifting, which puts the board under stress.

Learning Level of your Child

Children who have started to learn to need a mini-cruiser. It is easy to control, and hence children learn balancing very fast. Longboards should be given to a child once they have learned to balance and learned some gliding movements.

Beginners need a lightweight and soft board so that they can make grip easily. You can buy affordable skateboards in the beginning. Once your child has learned some movements and developed an understanding of the skill, you can invest in expensive skateboards.

Besides these, deciding factors make sure the Skateboard is high quality. The deck should be of sturdy material. If you are buying a concave board, we will advise you to ride it once before buying. Always check for the grip tape; it should be of good material. Some brands use cheap tape, which came off quickly after riding a few times. You must avoid such boards for a beginner.

The truck of the Skateboard and the bearings should be high quality. Many injuries occur due to slipping, and the guilty is usually the truck and wheels. Check if the bearings are too tight and if not comfortable for the kid, adjust it. Lastly, when choosing the best Skateboard for your child, make sure they like the design. Children love to do activities with things they want. Make sure to buy skateboards in their favorite colors and get some funky stickers to paste on the board. Some brands make skateboards with enjoyable designs like spiderman print, barbie prints, and dinosaurs, etc. Design is essential for children and will save you from some noisy tantrums.

What are the Benefits of Learning Skateboarding for Children?

Skateboarding is a great activity to learn for young children. It has many physical and mental benefits for children.

Keeps Children Active

In modern times when kids hook to video games and television, it’s tough to take them outdoors. When children are young, they need much physical activity for healthy development. It’s hard to convince them to go on walks and run. Skateboarding is an excellent excuse to take them outdoors. It includes lots of running and walking. They will also spend time outdoors in parks. Children learning Skateboarding are active and energetic. They sleep well and have more energy in the daytime.

Develop Coordination in the Body

Young children are slowly developing muscle and mind connections. They are learning coordination of eyes, hands, and feet with mind slowly. Skateboarding challenges their minds and helps in developing moto connections better. They gain control over their movements which is part of the normal healthy growth process.

Help them to Make Friends

group friends athletes skateboarders posing together skate park caucasian children having fun sports urban outdoor area 189236873

Children need an introduction to socialize, and nothing better than bonding with friends over Skateboarding. Children, when going outdoors and learning together they make friends and develop bonds. This Skateboard is very important for emotional development. They know to help each other support each other when learning together.

Increases their Focus

Skateboarding is one physical activity that needs alacrity. Kids learn to focus and develop retention of moves and cruising techniques. It creates the creative part of the brain. They learn to concentrate and build focus.

Learning Endurance at a Young Age

Endurance is one of the most complex and essential emotions. When they try again and again to learn to balance, they are training their minds to endure. Endurance as a life skill makes an individual successful.

Develop your Bond with your Child

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When supervising your child during some physical activity, you teach them security. They start to bond with you feeling secure and safe. They learn that emotional support is necessary, and they are secured and loved by their parents. These bonding at a young age will help them to grow emotional intimacy with their parents. Such children grow into confident and emotionally intelligent beings.

How to Assist My Kid in Learning Skateboarding?

Beginning Skateboarding is not easy. If you want to help your child in the initial stage, it is a good idea. Since your child trusts you, it is easier for them to learn. Here is a quick guide for parents to help them with teaching their children Skateboarding.

Choose Right Surface

Start the first skateboarding lessons on the grassy surface or a carpet. Smooth surfaces like hardboard are challenging as the board will glide swiftly, and the kid might find it hard to balance.

You can also choose a smooth tar road; they have moderate friction.

Choose Right Foot

Every individual has a stronger part of the body, either the left side or the right side. Depending on that, your child might find its right leg or left leg easier to skate with.

Make them steer and glide using both legs for a few days alternately. Ask them which is comfortable and continue with that side of the leg. Many people use their right leg to stride and roll. Using the left leg is also ok. What matters the most is the comfort and ease of your child.


Once they choose their right foot and surface, it’s time to get to the real business. Teach them to move forward slowly. Help them to set one foot on the deck and, using other legs in a paddling action, move forward. You have to be patient at this stage as kids take time to learn it.

Moving downhill is about balance and pushing the board with gentle force. Make sure to assist them while they go downhill. Most of the crash happens when children go downhill.

In the end, choose the right Skateboard and make your child wear safety gear before learning Skateboarding. Be patient with little ones and keep encouraging them.


What is the Right Age to Start Skateboarding for Children?

The most suitable period for children to start skateboarding is 4 years and above. At this age, their learning capacity is maximum.

What are the Best Skateboards for Children?

The best skateboards for children are mini cruisers. You can choose a 12-16 inches longboard and a 6-7 inches wide deck. Choose a skateboard with high-quality bearings and good wheels.

How to Teach Children Skateboarding Quickly?

Firstly when you are teaching something to a child, you must be patient with them. Children take some time to learn to skateboard. However, you can make them practice limping and sliding before alighting on board to hasten the process.

What is the Best Size of Skateboard for a 4 Year Old?

Choose a mini-cruiser with 6 inches wide deck. It is the right fit for the child’s tiny feet. Mini cruiser is easy to handle, and the children can balance easily on it.

What is the Best Size of Skateboard for a 6 Year Old?

You can choose any either mini-cruiser or a mid-sized skateboard. If your 6-year-old is beginning skateboarding lessons, then a mini-cruiser will be best.

What is the Best Size of Skateboard for a 12 Year Old?

A 12-year-old needs a 16-22 inches longboard and a 7-8 inches wider deck. Make sure to buy a sturdy board made with high-quality material. You can also buy a board with a concave surface if your child has been practicing Skateboarding for some time.


Skateboarding is a fun activity for your children and has many benefits. By this time, you must have been convinced to teach your child skateboarding.

Many good brands make mini cruisers, mid-size boards, and longboards, all suitable for children. You can buy skateboards from Rude boyz (excellent mini cruisers), PHOEROS , Merkapa, and Rimable.

Make sure to check the quality of the deck, wheel, and aluminum bearings. It is best to invest in high-quality boards for children as there is a higher chance of wear and tear.

I hope all this information about skateboards has helped you get started.

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