Best Skateboards For Tricks In 2022

List of Best Skateboards For Tricks In 2022

Are you determined to perform different tricks and stunts like a professional?

If the answer is yes, then go and grab yourself a sturdy and durable skateboard. Because the skateboard is sturdy enough and resistant to shock could ensure you in perform various stunts.

Skateboards For Tricks

A newbie in the skating world should be extra careful while buying the one because your wrong pick can create a lot of obstacles in your learning journey. We all know that skateboard with poor quality breaks down quickly. So be careful because even professionals find it unsafe to perform tricks on the wrong skateboard.

What makes a skateboarder professional is his ability to handle skateboards trouble-free. But, the wrong skateboard is dangerous for newbies and even professionals who want to perform tricks.

Do you want to get information about the names of various skateboards available worldwide for performing tricks?

Do not worry at all; your search ends here. We did enough research about the best skateboards for tricks and cruising available worldwide. You will get the names of the best skateboards with complete information from tip to toe. We are here to provide reviews about some of the best skateboard brands. Which are perfectly suitable for performing tricks, whether you are a professional or a newbie?

We also provide you with a buying guide to resolve your doubts. The buying guide has accurate information that we gathered from professional skateboarders and other reliable sources. So, you must go through our article once, and you will get answers to all your queries.

Here are a few good skateboarding tricks that Wikipedia explains.

Best Cheap Skateboards For Tricks In 2022


Minority 32-Inch Maple Skateboard

Best Cheap Skateboard
Minority 32-Inch Maple Skateboard Pricing
Best Skateboard For Tricks
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If you are an amateur in the skating scene, your one-stop for all the skating needs is this 32-inch maple skateboard by the minority.

With the enamoring perspective, it could transform into a picture of style. Those looking for something striking and crafty are also given a tweaked perspective on their skateboards, so all the craftsmanship darlings can alter their skateboards as they pick. It might be the best present for a skating sweetheart; conceivably, you want it for your kid or an adult. The arrangement will be identical everlastingly because of the better printing advancement that makes the board genuinely engaging.

Plan for the smooth-riding experience as the skateboard has been adequately attempted by specialists on every surface like streets, slants, etc.

Deck Description

It is inbuilt with more than five maple rock use, making it more fiery and versatile enough to change. The best weight it can hold is 220 lbs which are, for the most part high. Whether or not you are wobbly or fat, the deck will everlastingly maintain your weight.

The deck is depressed, making it ideal for performing various stunts for specialists, and it is sensible for an amateur to acquire capability with the stray skating pieces. The development of these skateboards is arranged so no one will get baffled while skating at different levels.

Wheel Specifications

Superb aluminum is being used in creating wheels. The turn is involved chrome steel and is prepared by recollecting rusting issues. Without a doubt, even a tiny proportion of force is the eventual result of making development in the skateboard.

The three power paddles are the result of causing the skateboard to show up at the essential speed taking into account the gained ABEC – 9 headings of brilliant chrome steel that work with 52mm 102A PU wheels. To be sure, even on unforgiving surfaces speeding up will be unchallenging. Polyurethane used in wheels goes probably as protection and helps cushion the ride. It is suffering and needn’t bother with a ton of upkeep.

  • It is already assembled.
  • Consolidates lesser space.
  • It gives you a brilliant texture.
  • Customization is available.
  • Assortment of color plans and designs.
  • Best skateboard for a newbie.
  • Easier maintenance.
  • Leaned to get affected by dust.
  • It ought to be appropriately dealt with as specific parts are fragile

Krown Rookie Checker Skateboard

Best Skateboard For Tricks
Krown Rookie Checker Skateboard
Best Skateboard For Kids
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This is a financial plan agreeable complete skateboard. This skateboard is exceptionally famous among proficient skateboarders.

The known as the decision skating brand for over 20 years.

The purpose of its appeal is the skateboard look. Nobody can oppose this total skateboarder, particularly a workmanship sweetheart.

The skateboard’s low cost and exquisite print add to its notoriety among riders of each ability level.

Deck Description

The deck is the consideration searcher given its fabulous and catching illustrations. The viewpoint, as well as the nature of the deck, is likewise sufficient. Each material of the deck makes it high in strength and impervious to stun. Canadian maple wood is the best wood, and every vast skateboard brand involves it for making decks. The realized Rookie skateboard is reasonable and has a Canadian maple wood deck.

The deck is 7.5 × 31 in size, which is more remarkable when contrasted with other sensible skateboards. For example, the deck of realized skateboards fits the point of conveying a heavyweight individual. Without much stretch, one can bring the skateboard to the recreation area and school since it weighs just 4.7 pounds.

The deck of a realized youngster’s skateboard is inward in shape. The inward body helps novices in overhauling their abilities and less time. It is simpler to perform different tricks and deceives for beginners due to the state of the deck.


The wheels of realized skateboards are top-notch urethane material. The utilization of urethane makes wheels ride flawlessly on harsh surfaces. This skateboard has 52mm wheels in size which is an optimal size for all degrees of riders.

We realize that even profoundly learned skateboarders recommend the ABEC-5 rating for fledglings.

This skateboard has a rating of five headings to guarantee that an amateur can ride without a hitch. The grasp tape is, as of now, there on a skateboard to try not to sneak off the board. This skateboard has premium quality grasp tape. The top-notch aluminum trucks are impervious to stun. It has five inches trucks that impeccably fit with the skateboard size of 7.5 inches. This skateboard is adequately expansive enough to give space to the situation of feet of skateboarders. This is a modest and tough board. All the security measures are required to avoid any injury to riders and damage to the skateboard.

  • Carried with ease.
  • Exquisite and appealing illustrations on deck.
  • Black grip tape comes pre-applied.
  • Catches speed easily.
  • A novice may deal with issues with adjusting at high speed.

KPC Pro Skateboard

Best Skateboard For Tricks
KPC Pro Skateboard
Best Skateboard For Tricks
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KPC PRO Skateboard is an optimal skateboard for each skating up-and-comer, new to the skating scene, or a specialist rider. The association has been making this skateboard through the use of premium material for more than twenty years now. This skateboard is a great propensity for pro skaters considering the way the call is capable. The skaters have steadily loved this skateboard, and their focus on it is continually mind-blowing, which supplements their certification inside the market. The producers made this skateboard by remaining mindful of the rider’s resources as an essential need. KPC provides you skateboards with stand-separated conceal decisions that move more basic undeterred quality to this skateboard. The customization is the rider’s propensity.

Deck Description

To revive your board, then, at that point, this skateboard has a deck inbuilt with Canadian maple, which makes it more energetic and will assist you with trying new deludes trouble-free. It requires fewer endeavors to learn different stunts. That deck is a fundamental piece of the skateboard, and KPC PRO skateboard decks are clearing enough for riders, considering everything. The deck of this skateboard can lift more than 200 pounds reasonably, so your weight is now not an impediment. When you fire riding on this store up, you will see complete oversight as the skateboard will react to your necessities and leave you stifled.

Wheel Specifications

KPC PRO skateboard will not think about your flourishing, and you will see no partition in the level of flawlessness. The 80 coarseness dull tape has been used for ABEC 7 headings, ensuring a smooth skating experience. The surface isn’t an issue, so plan to experience the moving forward tracks as your ability level won’t make any bunch. No worry if you track down the wheels milder when standing separated from others. The wheels will make you feel like you are floating in the air and will be reinforced after experiencing this KPC PRO skateboard.

  • New tricks can be learned quickly.
  • Professional skaters love it.
  • The modern concave strengthens the deck.
  • Wheels need to be replaced after some time of usage.
  • Maintenance could cost more.

PUENTE Complete Skateboards 31-Inch Pro Skateboard

Best Skateboard For Tricks
PUENTE Complete Skateboards 31-Inch Pro Skateboard
Best Skateboard For Tricks
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This skateboard brand is always highly in demand among skateboarders. Once you start your research on the best skateboard brand for tricks, this is a brand you will come across.

It is a premium quality skateboard with unmatchable features compared to others. The PUENTE 31- inch pro skateboard is a complete skateboard best for both professionals and beginners in the skateboarding world.

This complete skateboard by PUENTE has all the attributes one skateboarding aspirant may ask for. It never goes out of fashion because its amazing graphics attract everyone. When you take this out for skateboarding, you might notice another drooling over this skateboard.

Deck Description

The PUENTE complete skateboard is among the list of safest Skateboard brands. It is quite famous worldwide for its sturdy decks that are difficult to find in other brands.

It has a deck with a perfect size of 31 inches, suitable for all levels of riders. The skateboard’s deck is wide and long to provide more space for riders. A beginner can learn to balance trouble-free because of this spacious board. The placement of feet is a piece of cake for which credit goes to the perfect size.

The deck is made up of seven plies of Canadian maple wood. We all know that maple wood is premium quality and has no replacement. Using Canadian maple adds to the strength and durability of the skateboard decks. It makes the skateboards high in density and resistant to shock.

Do you enjoy skateboarding outside, but you can not go out when it rains? Don’t worry; now you can get your board out even if it rains.

The texture of PUENTE skateboard decks is waterproof and non-slippery. So enjoy skateboarding without any hesitation and fear of falling.

The skateboard has a concave shape to make it easier for a skateboarder to learn tricks. This shape is ideal and helps in controlling the board effortlessly.

No one can question the board’s strength because it has the highest weight capacity.

For instance, this skateboard by PUENTE can hold a weight of more than 420 lbs.

The graphics on the deck are beautiful and colorful that seek the attention of everyone.

You will face no trouble because the graphics do not peel off like stickers.


The size of the wheels is 53mm, which is suitable for all skateboarders. The wheels provide you smooth riding experience with their superior-quality PU bushings.

These 95A polyurethane wheel bushings help riders enjoy skateboarding on every surface. You can explore the streets of your city without any hesitation.

The wheels of PUENTE skateboards have premium quality ABEC-9 bearings. Furthermore, to provide extra support to Wheels, the 5 inches trucks are also there.

If you love to flip and twist your skateboard, this is the right skateboard for you.

To feel more comfortable and provide stability, the board has a covering of high-quality grip tape.

  • The graphics are staggering and durable.
  • The whole length of the board is covered with premium grip tape.
  • Highest weight capacity.
  • Seven plies of Canadian maple wood.
  • Easy to control skateboard.
  • No assembling is required.
  • Riders might face trouble with trucks.

ANCHEER Pro Skateboard

Best Skateboard for Tricks
ANCHEER Pro Skateboard Pricing
Best Cheap Skateboard For Tricks
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ANCHEER Pro Skateboard is among one the most popular brands worldwide. Words are not enough to mention all the staggering features this skateboard endures. You should try it once, and you will experience how fantastic this skateboard is.

It is the perfect skateboarder for learning various skateboarding tricks and stunts. Even professional skateboarders will find this an ideal skateboard for updating their skating skills. Apart from tricks, you can easily enjoy cruising with this ANCHEER Pro Skateboard. It will escort you to your workplace, and everywhere you go to make you enjoy your journey. This skateboard is available with High-quality features at an affordable price. The classic outlook of this board can make anyone admire this. It is very challenging for you to find this skateboard’s features in any other skateboard brand. We recommend you try it once; believe us; the board will never disappoint you.

Deck Description

The deck of ANCHEER Pro Skateboard will leave you speechless with its staggering features. This skateboard has a sturdy and durable deck which is best for learning and performing tricks. No matter how difficult the trick is, this board will make you perform that trouble-free. The deck of ANCHEER Pro Skateboard can handle every threat that stops you from performing tricks. Once you place your feet on this skateboard, you will feel more confident and eager to learn skating.

We all know that every best skateboard brand uses Canadian Maple wood to make a deck high in strength and durable. This skateboard has nine layers of premium quality Canadian maple wood. The deck size is 31×8 inches, which is ideal for both adults and kids.

Only two power paddles are enough to give you the best skateboarding experience of your life.

The concave shape of the deck allows you to perform even challenging tricks trouble-free. This board is all you need if you want to impress your friends with your skateboarding skills. You can easily attract everyone towards you by performing stunts like ollies with 360s.

A grip tape on the deck ensures riders’ safety and protects them from slipping off the skateboard.

The design and outlook of ANCHEER Pro will surely attract you. This skateboard comes in different colors with eye-catching graphics that can influence everyone. The graphics are durable and do not lose their shine and look with time.

The ANCHEER Pro Skateboard Decks are resistant to shock, and durability is also high compared to other brands. For instance, the deck of ANCHEER Pro Skateboard can hold a weight of more than 220 lbs.

Wheel Specifications

The wheels of ANCHEER Pro Skateboard are the smoothest wheels among all the skateboard brands named above. This skateboard has wheels that help you perform complicated tricks without hesitation. The wheels help to cruise, whether the surface is craggy or smooth. This skateboard has 85A polyurethane wheels having an ideal size of 55m. You can take your board outside to explore your city no matter what type of surface you do skateboarding on. The wheels are shock-absorbing and allow you to experience a fantastic ride.

The wheels have ABEC-7 premium steel bearings to help you balance and enjoy stable skating.

Our experts and even professional skateboarders recommend this as the best skateboard for performing and learning tricks. Each part of ANCHEER Pro Skateboard has superior materials that add to board durability.

  • Nine layers of premium quality Canadian maple wood.
  • ABEC-7 precision bearings.
  • Available in different colors and stylish graphics.
  • Affordable skateboard.
  • The wheels are highly smooth.
  • Weight holding capacity of more than 200 pounds.
  • Wheels ask for proper care and need oiling frequently.

Buying Guide For Skateboards For Tricks

This buying guide will help you in gaining knowledge about the various features. You will learn how each part of the skateboard helps update your skills. This buying guide includes information about how to perform tricks efficiently by gaining knowledge about various features.

We assure you that the time you spend reading this will be worth it.

So without any further delay, let us go through it.


skateboard wheels

We all know how crucial the wheels are for every skateboard. The quality of wheels ensures a safe and smooth riding experience. However, not every Skateboard brand provides you with High-quality Wheels.

When we start our research to get the perfect wheels for our skateboard, we come across wide varieties available Skateboard wheels.

You need to be extra careful while buying the Skateboard wheels. Mainly every famous skateboard brand uses polyurethane for wheels. Polyurethane contains different types of plastics.

We will guide you on how the other features can affect your skateboarding experience.


The smaller the wheel size, the better it is for performing tricks. The broader wheels might give you a smooth riding experience. But, they are not suitable for you to perform different tricks fearlessly.

You should know that wheels 50-53mm in diameter are generally ideal for performing tricks, whether you are a newbie or a professional in the skateboarding world. You should always expect small wheels to give you a slow riding experience because for practicing tricks, you need to be patient and try tricks at low speed.

Let us tell you why you should always buy smaller wheels for learning and performing skateboarding tricks.

Firstly, smaller wheels are more responsive and provide faster acceleration while you perform tricks. Furthermore, because of its small size, the weight is low, and you can flip your board trouble-free.

We suggest that the right size for you is 52mm for better performance of tricks. Wheels with a diameter of 52mm are ideal for every beginner and even professional for learning tricks and Better control.


Whenever you go out skateboarding, you must notice that your wheels deform. It means that the wheels lose their shape after getting hit and immediately return to their original shape. This process happens every time you go out for skateboarding, which is what rebound or bounce is.

You should opt for harder wheels because they will help in performing different tricks fearlessly. The soft Wheels have a high bounce rate; hence, they regain their shape but take some time. But the hard wheels have a low bounce rate compared to soft wheels. So, we hope you find out which is a better option for performing skateboarding tricks to add more and more thrill to your Skateboarding journey.

Wheel Shape

Yes, you read it right, as wheel shape is also the key feature that plays a crucial role. To perform various skateboarding tricks fearlessly and effectively, you should check the shape of your wheels.

We come across many wheels and wheels with square shapes also. But if we compare wheels to squares, then wheels have comparatively less friction.

Many shapes of wheels are available as soon as you start looking for the best for yourself. If you are professional and want to upgrade your tricks, choosing the right shape is confusing. Then our only suggestion for you is just to try one of the shapes we are mentioning.

Per our observations and testing, these three shapes are perfect for beginners and professionals. The first one is the radial shape of the wheels, which is ideal, and you will also find it excellent. If you go out in parks and streets to enjoy skateboarding, then a conical shape is all you need. Wheel having conical shapes are locks to your skateboard, and unlocking them is also a piece of cake.

Last but not least is classic wheels for performing tricks with more comfort. The classic wheels provide less surface area and are responsive. Please do not go for wide wheels because they are not responsive, and make sure you choose one of the shapes from above for performing skateboarding tricks.


The bearings of skateboards are another feature you must consider while buying trucks. To help your wheels in rolling smoothly, you need bearings for them. Every skateboarder should give proper cleaning and oiling to their wheel bearings.

For performing various Skateboarding tricks fearlessly, make sure you choose premium quality bearings. Talking about the size of bearings, let us tell you that you should stop worrying about bearings size because there is only one size available worldwide for bearings that fit every wheel size. No matter what wheels you buy, the standard bearings will fit into all types of wheels.

Try to buy yourself pair of premium quality bearings for a better skateboarding experience. Suppose you are looking for quality bearings that support performing tricks effectively. Then it would help if you only focused on the quality of the bearings because size is not an issue.

If you are a beginner in the skateboarding world, then you should go for this guide which is all about the best skateboard for beginners. Generally, Beginners think if the price is high, then bearings’ quality will automatically be increased. But there is nothing like that; you might find that even the expensive bearings are not durable and superior in quality.

The cheap quality bearings do not have proper sealing, which impacts your smooth-riding experience.

To check the quality of bearings, do check the rating of bearings. To check if the quality ABEC rating is there to help you out. You will come across 1,3,5,7 and 9 ABEC bearings for checking quality. The high rating of bearings adds to Higher precision in bearings, so choose accordingly.

The ABEC-11 bearings are also available, but only professional skateboarders can handle these. The rating of ABEC only tells about the precision, i.e., the higher the rating higher the accuracy.

We recommend you do not rely on ABEC rating only But also check the material, load handling capacity, and lubrication properly.

We recommend you choose polyurethane wheels instead of rubber wheels.

Contact Patch

The area of Skateboard wheels rolls on the surface you are riding on. The contact patch helps you choose the perfect wheels for your skateboarding journey.

It would help if you had a narrow contact patch to enjoy riding on streets and performing tricks in parks. It is a small but crucial part of your skateboard, and the contact patch’s placement influences the wheels’ performance. If you go for a larger contact patch, the less compression of wheels will slow down the speed.

We suggest you test yourself to find out what size fits you perfectly.


skateboard trucks

The area of Skateboard wheels rolls on the surface you are riding on. The contact patch helps you choose the perfect wheels for your skateboarding journey.

You need a narrow contact patch to enjoy riding on streets and performing tricks in parks. It is a small but crucial part of your skateboard, and the contact patch’s placement influences the wheels’ performance. If you go for a larger contact patch, the less compression of wheels will slow down the speed.

We suggest you test yourself to find out what size fits you perfectly.


The bushings of skateboard trucks surround the Skateboard trucks. The bushings are generally made up of polyurethane. It helps in the smooth turning of your skateboard.

The riders can adjust the bushings as per their convenience without any trouble. Your weight is also an essential factor that you should consider while buying bushings.

You can choose among 87A, 90A, or 92A bushings because these are premium quality bushings.


skateboard deck

The size of your skateboard affects the performance of your tricks. Your skateboard is nothing without a premium deck, so be wise while choosing this.

Whether you are a professional or a newbie in the Skateboarding world does not matter. If you want to learn and perform various stunts and tricks efficiently, then the 8 Inches deck is perfect for you. The 8 Inches deck is very narrow and not very wide in size. It will provide you with more stability and safety in performing technical tricks. But if you enjoy skateboarding in parks, ramps, and bowls, go for a different size.

We recommend you to go for 8.25 inches deck because it will suit you better. The size of your shoes also plays an essential role in choosing the right size for your Skateboard deck.

So, consider your height, your skating style, and your shoe size. According to our observations and research, the shortboards are better for performing tricks.

Single Press Decks

The skateboarders flip their boards and put more force to perform different tricks. Because of this, your skateboard deck takes a lot of pressure. Some of the decks, whose quality is cheap, could not handle much pressure and break down quickly.

To avoid the uncertainties like breaking down or chipping off the deck, do not forget to check quality. You should ensure that your deck has premium quality materials to protect it from any breakage.

Because only premium quality decks are capable of handling complicated tricks of skateboarders.

Our primary suggestion for you is to get yourself a single press deck. Another important thing you need to check is the mold and quality of wood that your deck has.

Nose and Tail

Well, this factor influences the performance of skateboarding tricks. But you need to check it yourself to determine what type of nose and tail will work for you.

The shape and height of both nose and tail help you flip your skateboard. It would be best if you made sure the nose size is slightly larger than the tail.


If your deck’s curvature is high, it will be easier for you to flip your board trouble-free.

The level of concave curvature is generally low, medium, and high concave. Low concave decks are not suitable for performing tricks because they are not easy to flip.

You can see above all the names we suggest as the best skateboard for tricks. All the Skateboards above have concave shape decks. This is because concave shape decks are more responsive when you perform various skateboarding tricks.

You will come across mellow and steeper concave decks, but you should follow our advice and choose mellow concave because the mellow concave decks are easy to handle and provide enough space for your feet. Therefore, with a mellow concave deck, you will feel fearless even when you perform complex tricks.


After reading the above buying guide, you are now possessing enough information. You should check the quality and specifications of each factor to avoid any problems in the future. You must check the specifications of wheels, trucks, and deck. Because now, you know that every factory has a vital role in making your Skateboarding experience the best.

We hope that now you can easily find out the best skateboard for people’s tricks. As the buying guide has an answer to all the questions that most Skateboard admirers ask. Our article’s information is accurate, and you can rely on our findings when deciding the names of the best Skateboards for performing tricks. We also considered the factors that are present in the buying guide.


What skateboard is best for tricks?

You can try multiple skateboards for tricks like Minority 32-Inch Maple Skateboard, Krown Rookie Checker Skateboard, KPC Pro Skateboard, PUENTE Complete Skateboards 31-Inch, or ANCHEER Pro Skateboard.

What is the easiest skateboard to do tricks on?

As per professional skateboarders, Stoked Complete Skateboard is the easiest skateboard to do tricks on.

Are skateboards meant for tricks?

No law mandates to do tricks on skateboards. It’s all on your choices, and if you are capable physically and like to perform tricks, you can.

What size skateboard do I need for tricks?

The deck width should be between 7.75 and 8.25 inches of the skateboard.

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