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Best Skateboard Brands in 2022

List of Best Skateboard Brands In 2022 For Kids, Beginners & Adults
Best Skateboard Brands

Best Skateboard Brands of All Time

Skateboarding is a prevalent sport among youth and kids. The idea of flying high with a skateboard excites us the most. It has many advantages traveling and exploring the cities is one of them. Skateboarding is risky, but you can perform it efficiently with proper coordination. It is also part of the Olympics to build your career in this sport with dedication.

A beginner must pick up the right skateboard. The right board is crucial to start skating and learning various skateboarding tricks and stunts. Are you looking for the skateboard brands that fit your requirement and are the best?

Stop worrying! We will help you out in finding the best skateboard brand for you.



Santa Cruz Skateboards

Best Skateboard Brand
SANTA CRUZ Classic Dot Mid Sk8 Completes, Green 7.80in x 31.00in
Skateboard Brand
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Santa Cruz is the ancient skateboard brand in the world. The founder of this skateboard brand is three friends Richard Novak, Doug Haut, and jay Chairman.

Santa Cruz has its origin in Santa Cruz, California, in 1973. Santa Cruz is demand for more than 40 years now because of premium quality skateboards.

We can say that Santa Cruz is the reason why skateboarding is an immensely lovable sport. The professionals in the skating world prefer it because it is trustworthy and has continued making skateboards for the longest time. It also provides you with the best clothing range, like professional skaters.

Santa Cruz is the perfect product for beginners learning various skateboarding tricks and stunts.

Deck Description

The rest of why it is the longest-running brand on the plant is the quality of material Santa Cruz used. This brand offers superior decks that last longer than any other skateboard brand. The decks are durable with the seven plies of premium maple wood. The ingenious graphics on the boards are eye-catching for girls and boys. The skateboarders concerned about weight find enough space on the deck to place their feet.

You are looking for a skateboard brand that provides premium quality at a low price; this fits you. The manufacturers of Santa Cruz skateboards keep the deck concave in shape to make balancing easier for newbies. The deck is also so lightweight that even a kid can carry it easily to school and parks. Unlike another skateboard available on the market, the deck does not Chip or break easily because of regular use.


Santa Cruz Skateboards have wheels with premium high-rebound urethane. The wheels are perfect for kids and beginners to ride smoothly. The bearings of wheels help in rolling without any problem with its oil lubricant.

You can quickly turn your skateboard as the wheelbase is short enough to support you during riding. These skateboards have 54mm 95A wheels that make them perfect for skating in parks and rough surfaces.

Each part of the board will support your weight and help you upgrade your skills. This skateboard has bearings that allow you to speed up with fewer Efforts and give you a new experience every time.

  • High-quality bearings with an oil lubricant.
  • Low budget.
  • Premium quality wheels.
  • No need to assemble the board.
  • The deck may ask for maintenance frequently.

Chocolate Skateboards

Best Skateboard Brand
Chocolate Skateboard Decks
Skateboard Brand
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Chocolate skateboards were founded in 1994 and have been the ruling brand for more than twenty years. It was primarily well known for girl skateboard manufacturers that motivated and attract girls towards skateboarding.

Chocolate has a wide range of clothing and accessories that add more to the riding experience and make you look professional. It also provides you decks separately in multiple sizes and wheels with different colors and designs.

Chocolate skateboards have their logo design across the ply of the skateboard. The brand is famous for its countless artists’ series, making it popular among art lovers. The quality of materials producers used in constructing boards is superior and unmatchable to any other skateboard brand.

Deck Description

This skateboard brand is well known for its creativity in decks. The decks are available with different patterns and graphics with fascinating chocolate logo prints on them.

Skateboarders of any age, height, and weight can easily select the size that suits them the best. Chocolate provides multiple color options that are popular among boys and girls. One can also buy a deck separately for their skateboard. The deck is also available in different sizes, including 7,7.25,8,8.75, and many more.

This skateboard brand manufactures decks with seven plies of Canadian maple wood. The shape of the deck is moderate concave because this shape is a professional choice. Any beginner or pro skateboarder can learn various skating stunts on this board without fear.

Some Decks have signatures and portraits of the expert skateboarders on the bottom plies. It can also work as home décor items because of the surprising designs on the skateboard Decks. The decks resist shock, motivating riders to skate more without fear of falling off the board.


Wheels are available in different colors to make your skateboard more graceful. Chocolate skateboards have perfect Wheels to ride on your city’s streets smoothly. These skateboards have 52mm 99a wheels with ABEC-5 shielded bearings on them. The shape of the wheels is ideal for improving the performance and balance of the rider over the board. You no longer worry about reading the long instructions to prepare your board for a ride. The chocolate skateboards provide skateboards designed to go as soon as you open the box.

  • Classic look.
  • ABEC-5 shielded bearings.
  • Pre-assembled.
  • The color and graphics may not be as shown in the image.

Anti-Hero Skateboards

Best Skateboard Brand
Anti-Hero Skateboards Pricing
Skateboard Brand
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Anti-Hero has been among the leading skateboard brands for over 15 years. The founder of this skateboard brand is a professional skater. Anti-Hero skateboards were founded in 1995 by a professional skateboarder, Julien stranger. It glorifies skateboarder personalities with its clothing range that involves hoodies, t-shirts, and beanies.

The skateboard has a board with many color options and a bewildering eagle printed on it. Anti-Hero decks are for people of all ages as the brand modifies your personality with its clothing range.

Deck Description

This brand is well known for its eagle skateboard decks. The texture and prints of decks can attract anyone, whether the person loves skateboarding or not. The eagle graphics on the board is the reason for the popularity of this skateboard among newbies. Not only eagle prints but other patterns on boards are also staggering. You can pick a perfect size and modify it as per your requirements.

The deck is perfect for every skill-level rider, from newbies to professionals. Riders have options for customizing their skateboards, and the product comes unassembled. The assembling of the board will give you the feeling of victory as you will love building your board.

The deck is available in many colors with eagle images on it. The manufacturers of this brand use premium materials for constructing the boards. The skateboarder knows that maple wood is superior, and every best skateboard brand prefers it. This deck by the antihero is of seven plies North American Maple.


The trucks of antihero boards are very light in weight and made of aluminum. These aluminum truck installations involve the use of grade eight kingpins and axles. The USA is a processing unit for the core truck bushings required with pivot cups in constructing the skateboard.

You cannot find any other product with excellent wheels like antihero skateboards. These 52mm 99 A wheels will let to enjoy skateboarding on every surface. Your kids can now skate in parks and on craggy surfaces also.

Antihero uses Abec-5 bearings and amphetamine bearings for installing wheels on boards. The antihero skateboards prefer these bearings because of their synthetic oil and rubber shields. Every feature of the skateboard helps provide a smooth riding experience without obstacles.

  • Available in different colors.
  • Available for customization.
  • 7-plies of Canadian maple wood.
  • Eye-catching graphics onboard.
  • Buyers might need to buy grip tape separately.
  • Buyers need to assemble the board after delivery.

Almost Skateboards

Best Skateboard Brand
Almost Complete Skateboards
Skateboard Brand
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The founders of this famous skateboard brand are Rodney Mullen and Daewon Song. Almost all skateboards originate in America, and the founders of this brand are well-known professional skateboarders.

This skateboard brand provides every part with excellent texture and prints. It has provided high-quality skateboards for over ten years and has a name listing the best skateboard brands for beginners. The company believes in innovation and frequently launches skateboards with upgrade features.

Deck Description

Almost is the ideal skateboard brand for beginners and professionals simultaneously. It almost provides a unique deck with superior quality. The graphics on the board are ingenious and attractive, unlike other skateboard brands. The professionals recommend almost skateboards because of deck precision.

The deck manufacturers use seven and eight plies to make it better than others. Almost all skateboards utilize high-quality carbon fiber for the inner layer of the skateboard decks.

We all know that deck is a crucial part of the skateboard and a powerful deck increases our confidence. Unlike other skateboard brands, the deck is light and heavy in strength. A beginner can effortlessly try different skating stunts on this board without fearing falling off.

The constructors use resin epoxy glue to add more strength to the skateboards. The deck supports heavyweight and does not break; even a kid will find balancing a piece of cake.

The shape is concave to enhance the performance of riders of every age and skill level.


The wheels support riding on rough and smooth surfaces. Only a single power paddle is enough for a smooth riding experience.

These 52mm 92A wheels are the perfect choice for a newbie in the skating world. The carbon steel bearings help the wheel in rolling and moving. The polyurethane bushings allow high performance during street skating.

Kids find the animations on these boards fascinating and carry their boards everywhere for skating. The young skateboarders give excellent reviews about this brand, and professionals highly recommend this. If you plan to gift something different to your friend, this is a perfect choice.

  • Premium quality wheels with ABEC-7 bearings.
  • Provides smooth riding.
  • The deck is shock-resistant.
  • Available in multiple colors.
  • Durable product.
  • The decks are prone to sunlight.

Creature Skateboards

Best Skateboard Brand
Creature Skateboard Complete Galaxy Logo Green/Purple 7.8″ x 31″ Assembled
Skateboard Brand
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Creature skateboards are among the best skateboard brands. This skateboard brand has been highly in demand for more than 20 years. The professionals and beginners in the skating world love this brand because of its premium quality and unique designs.

Creature provides a massive range of skateboard clothing that includes T-shirts and hoodies. It also avails you of skateboard accessories and sells surprising stickers also.

Deck Description

The well-known artist designs the deck of creature skateboards. You can not get graphics better than creature decks anywhere in the world. Beginners can quickly learn balancing on this lightweight deck.

Professionals recommend this skateboarding brand because the board is wide enough for placing foot. These skateboards are highly in demand among skaters of every age; even a five-year-old admires Creature Skateboards.

The deck is available in many designs and with multiple color options. The brand name is a creature with a board with creature prints on it. The seven plies of North American Maple add more strength to the board. The deck is available in different sizes for skaters of every age, height, and weight.

The deck has the strength of epoxy glue for durability. The shape of the deck is concave, which adds more flexibility.


Creature skateboards and install 95A Wheels to add durability to the skateboard. The wheels are strong enough to provide a smooth riding experience on craggy surfaces.

For easy rolling of wheels, steel bearings with oil and lubricants are available. Skateboarders can easily pace up their speed with the hardness of urethane rubber.

Trucks of wheels are available in multiple sizes and support easy turning. Professionals highly recommend this skateboard for newbies because the wheels are soft.

  • The deck is easy to carry.
  • Pre-assembled.
  • Amazing graphics onboard.
  • Print on decks may fade with time.

Element Skateboards

Best Skateboard Brands
Skateboard Brand
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It is an American skateboard company founded in 1992 and the company headquartered in California. Element skateboards stand among the best skateboard brands all over the world. The company has existed for a long time and is successfully operating globally. Skateboards by element are ruling in the market because of their fascinating outlooks as the company frequently launches unique designs with Mesmerizing artwork on skateboards.

The foremost and valid reason for the popularity of element skateboards is the excellent value for the money. Unlike the other skateboard brands, these skateboards are inexpensive. In addition, the company manufactures a vast range of skateboard accessories and sports apparel. Which includes bearing Lupe, grip tapes, pivot cups, skateboard decks, and footwear are some of the varieties.

If you admire looking like a professional sportsperson, get ready to look super handsome with the graceful tees, socks, and hoodies by element. But are you concerned about your safety while riding? Don’t worry. We bring you all covered with the hardware set that will cost you the budget like the other products by element.

Deck Description

You will get an inexpensive setup with a premium quality deck and decent components, including your element trucks, wheels, and bearings. The board decks are lightweight and made with seven-ply maple. The USA-grown maple wood adds more strength to the deck. The element skateboards are team-tested, approved, and ridden by experts.

No other skateboard company can match the level of creativity that element skateboards offer on their boards, having the brand name and symbol engraved. The color choices are excellent, and you can choose your graphics.


To make sure that your skateboard lasts long, you should replace the trucks in a short period. Core trucks are light in weight and feature heavy duty aluminum. Wheels are perfect for both street and park skating. The material of the wheels ensures a smooth riding experience with urethane rubber available in many colors.

  • Affordable.
  • Available in different colors and patterns.
  • Ruling brand in the market.
  • Need maintenance frequently.
  • Trucks need substitution.

Plan B Skateboards

Best Skateboard Brands
Plan B Skateboards – Complete Skateboards
Skateboard Brand
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Plan B skateboards is a skateboard company based in San Diego, California, USA. Jackson Kontzer, Brain Johnson, and Mike Turansky founded the company. Plan B has produced and sold superior skateboard hard goods and apparel since 1991. The sports apparel includes jackets, jeans, and jumpers available in different colors and designs. In 2005 Plan B was taken over by Colin Mckay and Danny Way.

Deck Description

The company got new owners after the demise of the founder of the company. It proved turntable for the company as the new owners marked a revolution in the deck design. They began manufacturing boards with a concave design, which was the best decision for beginners in the skating world. The professionals also praised this transformation in skateboards. The above were some of the features that helped plan B skateboards gain popularity within a short period.

Those wondering for anything unique are provided with a personalized outlook on their skateboards. The patterns and illustrations on the boards are different from other skating brands on the market.

High-quality Maplewood is the primary material in constructing decks. The shock-resistant dimensions and premium seven plies complete the skateboard’s decks.


The wheels are capable enough to provide you with a fantastic skating experience. The wheels will always ensure a smooth riding experience, whether the surface is rough or flat. The wheels are available in many sizes and are available in packs. A pack includes four wheels. The high-quality bearings add strength and more power to the boards. Because of these excellent features, the product is ruling in the market. Plan B uses premium material in constructing the panels.

The skateboards are the perfect choice for a Beginner who is highly concerned about safety. You don’t need to panic if bearings on your board wear out after some time as they replace quickly. However, professional skaters will never disappoint after trying this unique skateboard by Plan B.

  • Customization is available.
  • The deck consists of seven thick plies.
  • Wheels are available in a variety of sizes.
  • Bearings wear out after some time.
  • Customization is expensive.

Zero Skateboards

Cruiser Skateboard
Zero Skateboards Bold Deck
Skateboard Brands
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Zero skateboards are among the most popular companies, and the company headquarters is in California. The founder, Jamie Thomas, is well known for his outstanding skating skills. Jamie Thomas is a professional skater and among one of the finest entrepreneurs. Zero brands were initially formed as a clothing company and gradually evolved into a skateboard company. In 2014 the distribution partner of zero skateboards was Dwindle Distribution Company, based in California. Thomas and dwindle started operating independently after 2016.

Professional skaters like Windsor James, Tommy Sandoval, Chris Wimer, and Dane Burman have owned zero skateboards. Zero skateboards are the best skateboard brands only because professional skaters use their products. Durability is their best-known feature. The board’s designs are different and unique and provide steadiness. The skateboards are a perfect choice for every rider, whether he is a newbie or an expert.

Deck Description

The skateboards ensure riders’ safety as manufacturers have made no compromise on quality. The board deck is wide enough to support riding on every surface; the surfaces are craggy or flat. Seven layers of premium Canadian maple get used for manufacturing the skateboards to provide ultimate stability and a smooth-riding experience.

The special epoxy glue gets used for developing the deck of skateboards. The deck can impress anyone with the graceful illustrations available in large varieties. Your choice of print is not restricted as you can pick from many options available. Eight inches is the most preferred size of the deck because even a kid will find it comfortable to balance the board with this size. The deck is concave-oriented as it allows optimum foot placement. You can put more pressure on the deck edges, enabling you to flip your board conveniently.


The material used in manufacturing the base of the wheels is superior. Trucks of the wheels are also available with premium material, which adds more flexibility to the product. Your level of skating will never be an obstacle in learning new stunts. A beginner will feel confident once he puts his leg on the board.

  • Concave-oriented deck.
  • Professional skaters use them.
  • Wide range of graphics on deck.
  • One of the most reliable skateboard brands.
  • Perfect choice for a professional or a newbie.
  • Personalized outlook on deck is expensive.

Alien Workshop Skateboards

Best Skateboard Brands
Alien Workshop Skateboards Deck Mind Control Tonal 8.0″ with Grip
Skateboard Brand
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Alien Workshop (AWS) is an American skateboard company. An independent company founded in 1990 by Chris Carter, Mike Hill, and Neil Blender. The alien workshop used to manufacture skateboard Decks, wheels, apparel, and other accessories before its closure in 2014. But in 2016 company came back into operation and is headquartered in Ohio. At this time company falls under the category of best skateboard manufacturing company because of its ingenious skateboards.

The alien workshop is the brand continuously providing the skateboard already assembled by the manufacturers. The riders get the skateboard all set. You are no longer required to read out two-three pages of institutions to make your skateboard ready to go. This skateboard brand has been operating globally for years because of its staggering features. The reason why this skateboard is ruling in the market is affordability. One can get the skateboard pre-assembled without paying an additional amount for that. The alien workshop is counted every time among the best skateboard brands.

No matter what your skill level is. The brand has a solution for every rider; he is a beginner or a professional. These skateboards are perfect as your skill level is not an important point to consider while purchasing. Because it is suitable for everyone no matter what your skill level is. The company also adds grace to your looks with its clothing range for this sport. You might have seen other famous skating brands providing extra stuff apart from a skateboard. The alien workshop is also concerned for its trustworthy customers and gives them spare parts like bearings and grip tapes.

Deck Description

This skateboard brand keeps itself updated and conducts research frequently to learn more about skaters. As soon as customers demand, the company started working on their needs by modifying the technology.

The high-quality seven layers of maple wood have constructed the deck. This Maplewood grown in the USA is Light in weight and adds strength to skateboards.

The board has a unique range of patterns printed on it, attracting the riders most. The Standard of skateboards is unquestionable as the deck is impact-modified. The skateboard will make balancing on board a piece of cake for you. Professional skaters can conveniently try different skating stunts. A beginner in the skating world can go for this board without hesitation. The top surfaces and bottoms of boards are laminated to ensure maximum stability and control over the board.


ABEC-3 bearings add more strength to the wheels. The trucks are of top quality and provide steadiness while riding.

  • No assembling is required.
  • Low budget.
  • Shock-resistant.
  • The surface and bottoms of the board are laminated.
  • Did not receive high ratings from customers.

Blind Skateboards

Best Skateboard Brands
Blind Complete Skateboards
Skateboard Brand
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This skateboard company was founded in 1988 by Mark Gonzales. The founder of this company is a professional skater. This brand has marked its appearance among the best skateboard brands for a short period.

Are you looking forward to starting skating but are confused between various skateboard brands available in the market? Then your one-stop is this skateboard by blind skateboards. Blind skateboards provide skateboards that last longer—still finding it difficult to decide than to check the best skateboard brands. You will notice that the name-blind skateboards are on the list of top skateboard brands.

This brand is the main favored by professional skaters. The company is continuously working on its skateboards to make them suitable for all riders. Even after being used by pro skaters, this skateboard will never disappoint a newbie. Any beginner can use this skateboard to learn skating without any doubt in mind.

Deck Description

Eight plies of top-quality Maplewood construct the decks. Epoxy glue joins the plies of maple wood. The epoxy glue is considered premium quality, and top skateboard brands use it. These boards are impact-resistant because of the superior material used in manufacturing. The skateboard will always support the aspect, whether the surface is rough or trouble-free. Unlike other skateboard brands, this brand is more durable and does not get damaged easily.

The texture of decks is surprising and available in different colors and patterns. If you want something particular, you are provided with a customized outlook on your board. Depending on your choice, you don’t need to compromise with the deck’s look entirely. The product ensures maximum safety, and learning new tricks is not a problem anymore.


The skateboards get entirely designed for your choice. You can choose the size of trucks as your suitability because they come in many sizes. The wheels get designed according to your need. You can easily select the board that suits you better per your skill level.

Everything crucial about skateboards can be as per your requirements. The skateboards have a deck and wheels installed that ensure maximum safety. The wheels are available in large varieties, and your choice is not restricted.

  • Pre-assembled.
  • Suits every rider.
  • Personalized decks.
  • Vertical lamination on decks.
  • Trucks are available in different sizes.
  • Wide range of wheels.
  • Customization is costly.

Birdhouse Skateboards

Best Skateboard Brands
Birdhouse Skateboards Lizzie Armanto Butterfly Complete Skateboard – 8″ x 31.875″
Skateboard Brands
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Per Welinder and Tony hawk were professional skateboarders. Their passion for skateboards is unmatchable to other skateboarders out there. In 1992, these professional skaters decided to start their own skateboard company.

The Birdhouse is a leading skateboard brand because of its name. The owners were obsessed with skateboards and turned their passion into a trade. Experts recommend the skateboards as the best skateboards, and People have found this brand durable and attractive. The experts have also approved this brand because they have tested it properly. These skateboards ensure maximum stability overboard. Birdhouse also sells various skateboard parts such as wheels and decks.

Suppose you are a sports person and want to dress up like a professional skateboarder; Birdhouse is the one-stop for all your desires as it offers stunning attires and accessories to modify your look.

Deck Description

This skateboard by Birdhouse is a perfect present for your kid. The deck gets imprinted with pictures of many famous animations. Once you place your feet on this board, it will make a strong bond with you in a second. The sceneries are printed on board to make you feel better while skating. The deck of a skateboard is strong enough with seven plies of maple wood. We all know that maple is considered superior wood. You will feel confident onboard while riding, as controlling the board is an easy task. The board’s structure is concave as it is the most preferred shape by all riders. Performing stunts and various tricks seem easy because of the formation.

The deck of the skateboard is weighty as compared to other skateboard brands. Maple adds more strength to the board and lessens the chances of damage to the skateboard’s deck.

The black six technology used in developing boards add more power to boards. The manufacturers had made every possible effort to make the deck shock-resistant.


Each part of the skateboard has been observed by experts precisely. The top concern of the brand is about riders’ safety and satisfaction.

The wheels installed onboard are of premium quality. These skateboards are suitable for complex surfaces also. You will never be disappointed as trucks and bearings are of top quality.

It is not a complicated task if you want to make changes to your skateboards. One can get their skateboards customized without any complications.

  • Seven plies of maple.
  • It is manufactured with black six technology.
  • Concave-shaped skateboards.
  • Heavier deck.
  • Bearings and trucks require maintenance.
  • Deck gets damaged after using it for some time.

Punked Skateboards

Best Skateboard Brand
Punked Skateboards – Complete Longboards Skateboards – Ready to Ride Right Out of The Box
Skateboard Brand
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Punked skateboards, founded in Chino, California, are well known for its premium skateboards and is considered the best skateboards for their premium material. This brand is not specialized in superior manufacturing skateboards but also sells a wide range of skateboard accessories. That involves wheels of different sizes, trucks, and elegant stickers. The brand is listed among the top-quality skateboard brands in the world.rs. d.

Suppose you love art and skating simultaneously; the Punked provides you with skateboards with a graceful artistic outlook. The company is highly successful because it uses different materials to transform skateboards into eye-catching art pieces. Your skateboard is not just for skating. Even if the skateboard is not in use, it will add grace to your house as a showpiece. This company has adopted various approaches to add art to its skateboards. The company promotes art, and you can quickly check how these skateboards get transformed into perfect items on the website. That can add more to home decoration.

Deck Description

If you don’t like to waste time making the board ready to use, don’t worry; Punked has you covered with its pre-assembled board. You no longer need to wait for skating; unpack your skateboard and go out for skating. Punked skateboards are highly flexible. These skateboards come with a deck, trucks, wheels, grip tape, and bearings.

The boards are so lightweight that even a kid can carry them easily. The deck contains nine plies of maple wood. The reason behind the flexibility is bamboo. The boards get constructed with bamboo, which adds more flexibility. A rider is going to experience something different with these skateboards. This skateboard suits every rider, whether a newbie or a professional.

Punked skateboards are highly in demand because of their fascinating outlooks. The design and patterns on boards can bewitch anyone, even an average person with no interest in skateboards. No one can resist these boards.


This brand provides wheels in different shapes, sizes, and colors. The riders can ask for customization per their needs and provide many options. A Beginner can ask for a board as per his skills level, which applies to a pro skater. These skateboards are highly durable and do not break easily. Get set to experience smooth riding on rough surfaces with these fast-moving skateboards.

  • A variety of hardware caters.
  • Customization is available.
  • Light in weight.
  • Fascinating graphics on boards.
  • Excellent quality skateboards.
  • Some riders might face problems in balancing as skateboards are lightweight.

Powell Skateboards

Best Skateboard Brand
Powell Peralta Ripper One Off Complete
Skateboard Brand
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If you have ever wondered about the oldest market player in the Skateboard industry, the answer is Powell skateboards. These came into the picture in the 70s and are still upgrading themselves to become better daily.

Its team is present in California, striving to improve the quality of keyboards and reach the highest scores for the brand’s prosperity.

Deck Description

The specialty of the deck of the Powell skateboards is that they are comparatively lighter, thinner, and much more flexible than other skateboard brands. These skateboards are best if you are looking for something efficient and everlasting—the strength and durability of these skateboards increase due to the fiber-reinforced structure supported by high-quality epoxy resin.

The expert skaters can make most of their potential on these skateboards as they are lightweight and robust enough to test any pro skating tricks. Learning and practicing new tricks is a convenient benefit of these boards, as the mid-range concave offers this suitability.


The ABEC-7 bearing in the wheel makes it resistant to shocks and hits on the road. The wheels and bearing to be delivered to customers are of superior quality. These skateboards get constructed in a way that lets them carry enough heavyweights.

This brand, being the oldest one, helped itself gain industry experience. The study of the needs and preferences of the customers has made it modify its operations to produce better skateboards.

The upgrading with time provides better skateboards. Every part sets to reach the product’s potential and provide the best service to customers.

  • Reliable skateboard brand.
  • Customization is available.
  • Resistant to hits and shocks.
  • Additions fees for availing customization services.

Globe Skateboards

Best Skateboard Brand
Globe Skateboards Big Blazer Cruiser Complete Skateboard
Skateboard Brand
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Globe skateboard is a best-selling brand of skateboards that reached its optimum level of success in a single decade. It was incorporated in 1994 by a team of skaters, surfers, and snowboarders as a small distributor of sports goods.

It has a broad customer base as its products are sold almost in every country. Along with skateboards, the brand also deals in other sports-related equipment. You can also buy a few individual parts of skateboards, such as wheels, decks, etc., from this company.

Globe skateboards are specialized in technical skate shoes with the construction inheriting traditional cup soles. Globe skateboards are also a leader in the pack of cruiser skateboards available in both mini and full sizes.

Deck Description

The DSM Factory that has witnessed the quality building of decks is also in charge of producing the decks of Globe skateboards.

The appropriate durability and high and competitive resistant nature of these decks are the crucial drivers of the globe skateboards being one choice among the expert skaters. The deck of these skateboards is lighter to carry, stable, and has enhanced strength, all because of epoxy resin glue in its making.

These skateboards are highly standardized as they are made per previous specifications.

The concave joint on each skateboard is almost the same, and unique pressure application techniques come into play in its making.

These skateboards are a perfect and exciting package for the modern riders of the skating world. These skateboards are good enough for concrete and mountainous riders.


The globe skateboards have wheels that are proportional to the deck’s concave. There is also good compatibility between the wheels and the truck. These things facilitate the perfect mobility of these skateboards. These skateboards provide an excellent level of comfort and soothe the soul of skaters as the ideal combination of good quality wood and grip tape delivers a great skating experience.

These boards were constructed in a way that they are manageable and pleasing to handle and steer. This board’s capacity to bear almost all obstructions from the road surface makes it attainable to try expert tricks. Along with basic skating, thus turn out to be the best thing that satisfies both the expert and beginner riders.

  • Customization of skateboards is accessible.
  • Suitable for both beginners and experts.
  • High-quality material.
  • Durable.
  • Prone to replacement of trucks.
  • Chipping off of wooden decks after some time.

Enjoi Skateboards

Best Skateboard Brand
Enjoi Complete Skateboards
Skateboard Brand
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The Enjoi brand of skateboards came into existence around the year 2000 and gained immense popularity in a short period. The creation of these fascinating skateboards is by Rodney Mullen. However, these are to be distributed by Dwindle distributions. The primary product of the brand is skateboard decks. The brand also deals in different Skateboard parts and clothing.

The origin of this brand is in the hands of Marc Johnson; he started the brand in 1998. But the brand got well established in the early 20s with the great objective of satisfying customers with high quality. The witty graphics and the satirical panda logo on the board are a big sign of humor and fun to find in life.

It has a very straightforward message to its users. That even its name implies, Enjoi meant to enjoy and have fun here. The catchy display of boards having panda printed on them and the vibrant colors make these boards very attractive. Its exceptionally proven superior quality has grabbed it under the list of best skateboards brand. These skateboards get made up by conducting a study on the needs of all levels of skaters, either a beginner or a pro. Teams working behind this brand use digital marketing to reach its customers through a wide vase.

Deck Description

Epoxy resin glue and North American maple are the critical components in making the deck’s wood. You can also find various color combinations and animated images while choosing the perfect one.

With its use, you will know that these boards are comparatively stronger than others.

The decks of these boards can make it up to every customer’s need. The decks are broad enough with perfect concave fitting. The panda logo on the boards makes it even more eye-catchy from a very long distance.


These skateboards are an excellent addition for someone very new at skating. These are also compatible with someone just starting to learn a few skating tricks.

The high-quality making and glorious features also grab the attention of pro skateboarders. The best thing about these skateboards brand is that it also provides additional ten sets of ABEC 7 bearings. The wheels of the board are great for sleek rolling too. The wheels are capable enough to bear any resistance and hits from the riding surfaces. The wheels are very durable and stable for use.

  • Superior wood material.
  • Strong and stable.
  • Attractive.
  • Resistant to any hits and abuse.
  • Prints might fade away after a short duration.

Best Skateboard Brands for Beginners, Pros & Experts

There are many different types of skateboards out there, but not all of them are created equal. In fact, some are better suited for beginners, while others are designed for pros. Read on to see what makes each type of board unique.

The right skateboard can make you feel good when you ride it. But which one should you buy? Here’s how to choose the perfect skateboard for you.

The Beginner’s Board

A beginner’s board is usually smaller than an expert’s board and has softer wheels. It’s also typically made with a softer plastic deck. This means that beginners will find it easier to learn tricks and control their balance. However, beginners might find that these boards aren’t as durable as other models.

The Freestyle Board

If you’re looking for a beginner’s board, then you should consider getting a freestyle board. These boards are often made with a soft plastic deck and are more forgiving when learning new moves. They also tend to be lighter weight, making them easier to carry around.

The Longboard

A cruiser board is a good choice for intermediate riders who want something stable and durable. Cruisers typically weigh between 30 – 50 pounds and come equipped with high-quality bearings.

The Cruiser Board

Cruisers are perfect for beginners because they offer stability and durability. They also tend to be more forgiving than other boards. This means that beginners will be able to learn how to do tricks without hurting themselves.

The Streetboard

If you’re looking for a beginner skateboard, then you should probably go with a cruiser. These boards are made for people who aren’t very good at skating yet. They’re stable, durable, and easy to control.

Final Words

A beginner must choose a good quality skateboard. We all know that “first impression is the last impression” applies to skateboarding. If you enjoy your first experience of skating, then it will force you to try more. The best skating experience is only possible with the best skateboard brand.

All you need to keep in your mind is patience which is a must for learning skateboarding. Learning the art of balancing will take you some time, but a perfect board brand makes it a piece of cake. If you choose the right skateboard, then it will minimize the chances of getting hurt.

In no time, you will feel start having an addiction to skateboarding. If you want to be a thrill-seeker, then skateboarding is all you need to learn.

This is the most popular list of best skateboard brands, and we will update it regularly. Keep visiting this page for the latest and updated list of the Best Skateboard Brands of all time.

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