Best Complete Skateboard Brands In 2022

List of Best Complete Skateboard Brands In 2022
best complete skateboards

Are you here to check out the best complete skateboards? Well, you are at the right place; here, you will get well-researched knowledge about complete skateboards.

Assembling a skateboard is difficult, particularly assuming you’re a novice in the skating scene. Complete skateboards come pre-gathered and prepared to ride, so this is a decent choice to assemble your board.

In any case, observing great complete skateboards is not a simple assignment.

However, relax. Good fortune, it appears, is your ally. This post will survey probably the best complete skateboards on the lookout. We’ll investigate the highlights of each board and see what upsides and downsides they have.

Furthermore, we’ve assembled a basic, instructive manual for purchasing skateboards. It contains all that you want to know before buying your skateboard.

If you’re anxious to find out more, how about we get everything rolling?

Best Complete Skateboards In 2022


KPC Pro Skateboard

Best Complete Skateboard
KPC Pro Skateboards Pricing
$39.95 $44.95
Complete Skateboard Brand
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KPC PRO Skateboard is an ideal skateboard for each skating applicant, new to the skating scene, or an expert rider. The organization has been fabricating this Skateboard using Premium material for over 20 years. This Skateboard is an ideal decision for proficient skaters as the name has professional itself. The skaters have consistently adored this Skateboard, and surveys on it are in every case great, which improves their notoriety on the lookout. The producers made this Skateboard by remembering the rider spending plan. KPC gives you skateboards with various shading choices that add more excellent unwavering quality to this Skateboard. The customization is the rider’s own decision.

Deck Description

To overhaul your board, then, at that point, this Skateboard has a deck inbuilt with Canadian maple, which makes it more vigorous and will assist you with attempting new tricks inconvenience free. It requires fewer endeavors to learn different stunts. That deck is a critical piece of the Skateboard, and KPC PRO skateboard decks are broad enough for riders, everything being equal. The deck of this Skateboard can lift more than 200 pounds effectively, so your weight is presently not an obstruction. When you begin riding on this load-up, you will observe unlimited oversight as the Skateboard will react to your requirements and leave you shocked.

Wheel Specifications

No concern if you find the wheels milder when contrasted with others. KPC PRO skateboard won’t ever think twice about your wellbeing, and you will see no distinction in the degree of perfection. The 80 coarseness dark tape has been utilized for ABEC 7 headings which guarantees a smooth skating experience. The surface isn’t an issue any longer, so prepare to encounter the moving on the tracks as your ability level won’t make any snag. The wheels will cause you to feel like you are drifting in the air, and you will be excited in the wake of encountering this KPC PRO skateboard.

  • Learning new tricks isn’t an issue any longer.
  • Adored by proficient skaters.
  • The advanced sunken adds more solidarity to the deck.
  • Wheels may require substitution within a limited amount of time.
  • Maintenance may be expensive.

Powell Golden Dragon Knight Dragon Complete Skateboard

Best Complete Skateboard
Powell Golden Dragon Knight Dragon Complete Skateboard Pricing
$71.88 $79.95
Complete Skateboard Brand
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The American skateboard organization Powell Peralta was fused in 1978. This current organization’s Skateboard Powell Golden Dragon is a magnificent chance for somebody to enter the skating scene interestingly. These rich-quality skateboards are produced in China utilizing the maple facade source.

Every part of these skateboards is planned according to the requested particulars by countless individuals. These skateboards are the first concern for novice switch skaters because of their unique testing to guarantee their well-working component and quality extravagance.

Deck Description

The 32 inches length and 8 inches width are the overall elements of these skateboards. However, keeping up with funds owed to a profound inward curve makes these skateboards stand apart as exceptional from any remaining partners. Alongside these extraordinary things about these skateboards, another perceptible reality is that there is no strain about coming up short on the Skateboard’s solidarity regardless of its restricted width.

The deck of these skateboards weighs practically like a seven-handle maple deck.

A broad and robust polymeric tie is something vital utilized in the creation of these Powell Peralta decks. The solidness and adaptability of these skateboards make them hold the deck together. Since novice skaters are the continuous ones to fall while learning the skating, these skateboards are the most secure choices.

Wheel Specifications

The quantities of the wheel estimation go under the positive reach. Be that as it may, the bearing segment is frail, making the wheels more slowly with time, and the sizes are 54 mm in diameter,37 mm in width, and 99A hardness.

Additionally, to encounter a smoother ride with these skateboards, there is dependably a choice to supplant the hard wheels with gentler ones.

  • Incredible strength because of the utilization of the Dirlam press in the making.
  • Screen printed illustrations with rich quality.
  • Dependable memorability and worth.
  • Tested and tried before use.
  • The ideal hold with a profound curved K-12 deck.
  • Optimal wheels for rolling and moment development.
  • Inclined to wheels substitution.
  • Harder trucks.

Minority Maple 32-Inch Skateboard

Best Complete Skateboard
Minority Maple 32-Inch Skateboard Pricing
$36.39 $39.89
Best Complete Skateboard
You can check by clicking on the above link.

Assuming you are an amateur in the skating scene, your one-stop for all the skating wants is this 32-inch maple skateboard by the minority.

From an exciting standpoint, it could turn into an image of style. Those searching for something unique and brilliant are additionally given a customized point of view on their skateboards so all the craftsmanship sweethearts can redo their skateboards as they pick. It may be the best present for a skating darling if you need it for your child or a grown-up. The plan will be the equivalent due to the superior printing innovation to make the board charming.

Prepare for the smooth-riding experience as experts have effectively tested the Skateboard on every surface like roads, slopes, and so on.

Deck Description

It is inbuilt with more than five maple rocks, making it more powerful and adaptable enough to change. Whether dainty or fat, the deck will forever uphold your weight. The most significant weight it can support is 220 lbs which are generally high.

The deck is recessed, which makes it ideal for performing different tricks for experts, and it is reasonable for an amateur to become familiar with the fundamentals of skating. Construction of these skateboards is planned so nobody will get disillusioned while skating at various levels, either as an amateur or an expert in the skating field.

Wheel Specifications

Top-notch aluminum is being utilized in building wheels. The pivot is chrome steel and is ready by remembering rusting issues. Indeed, even a small measure of power is to the point of moving the Skateboard.

The three power paddles make the Skateboard arrive at the most high speed due to the acquired ABEC – 9 headings of great chrome steel that work with 52mm 102A PU wheels. Polyurethane utilized in wheels is a safeguard and helps pad the ride. It is dependable and doesn’t need a lot of support. Indeed, even on harsh surfaces accelerating will be unchallenging.

  • The product comes assembled.
  • Incorporates lesser space.
  • It furnishes you with an excellent surface.
  • Accessible for customization.
  • Assortment of colors and illustrations.
  • Best Skateboard for an amateur.
  • Simple to keep up with.
  • Inclined to get impacted by dust.
  • It should be adequately taken care of as certain parts are delicate.

M Merkapa 31-inch Pro Skateboard

Best Complete Skateboard
M Merkapa 31-inch Pro Skateboard Pricing
$69.99 $70.00
Best Complete Skateboard
You can check the latest price by clicking on the above link.

This 31 inches pro skateboard does not chip off easily, and all parts last longer than other skateboard brands. It is the perfect board for every professional and newbie in the skating world. This skateboard has every aspect made with premium quality materials. Any beginner looking for a durable complete skateboard brand can check this out.

Deck Description

The deck of M Merkapa skateboards is more vital than any other complete skateboard provider brand. It does endure the capability to handle threats while a skateboarder rides on this. The beginner will find balancing on this board is a piece of cake. You will face trouble-free balancing because of the grips on this board. These grips are of superior quality and ensure rider’s safety when riders place their feet appropriately over the board.

Suppose you are a big fan of skateboarding and cannot wait to learn various stunts to impress your friends. Then let us tell you this board is what you want to perform tricks without getting hurt. The deck of this skateboard had seven plies of premium maple wood.

This deck of M Merkapa can hold a weight of more than 250 lbs. The riders who have heavyweight and feel hesitation in trying skateboarding should give this a shot. Those who want their skateboards with attractive colors are provided with staggering designs on skateboards. So get over the fear of getting wounds and falling while skateboarding with this complete skateboard.


The wheels of this complete skateboard ensure you give the best skateboarding experience. It has ABEC-8 bearings that allow riders to ride smoothly. The wheels of this complete skateboard have 95A polyurethane bushings. We all know how amazing it is to have wheels with aluminum alloy. This skateboard has 5 inches of aluminum alloy trucks. So, all traveling lovers, get ready to explore the streets and parks of your town with this skateboard.

  • A perfect pick for learning various skateboarding stunts.
  • Ensures easy balancing with non-slippery grip tape.
  • Available in different colors and designs.
  • Skateboarders of heavyweight are restricted to performing stunts.

Quest QT-NSC44C The Super Cruiser

Best Complete Skateboard
Quest QT-NSC44C The Super Cruiser Pricing
$49.95 $50.00
Best Complete Skateboard
You can check the latest price by clicking on the above link.

This super cruiser’s features are different from any other random cruiser. It is the updated version of skateboards that you might see for the first time. The skateboarders who are obsessed with art and craft will find this staggering. This cruiser will not allow you to resist buying this as it is a masterpiece. If you are a newbie, nothing better exists than this for adding wings to your skateboarding journey.

It is a one-stop for fulfilling all your skating desires that you want to experience. This board will not cost you much and therefore falls under your budget. The quest is the ruling cruiser brand all over the world. Quest is well known for designing skateboards precisely so that skaters of every level experience something unique.

Deck Description

Firstly, we would like to say that your entire search for the perfect deck ends here. According to industry standards, we all know maple wood is the best wood for making decks.

This cruiser is 44 inches, which is undoubtedly a perfect size for both beginners and professionals. Multiple layers of maple wood are also available on this board to give you over-the-top quality. The use of artisan bamboo makes this board more bona fide. This board will not cost you much and therefore falls under your budget. The quest is the ruling cruiser brand all over the world. This brand is prominent for designing skateboards precisely so that skaters of every level experience something unique.


The professional skateboarders find this board amazing for performing various tricks and stunts.

It has ABEC-7 bearings on wheels to increase durability. The trucks of this cruiser are built with premium quality aluminum, and their size is seven Inches.

This longboard cruiser will attract everyone around to watch you skateboarding. The wheels last longer and do not break easily. You can experience trouble-free balancing even on rough surfaces. The wheels are capable enough of handling you on craggy surfaces because the wheels are shock-resistant. You will not face any issue with the wheels especially.

  • Premium quality artisan bamboo deck.
  • Wheels are resistant to shock.
  • An eye-catching piece of art.
  • Skateboarders with low physiques might face problems in balancing.

Rimable Complete 22-Inch Skateboard

Best Complete Skateboard
Rimable Complete 22-Inch Skateboard Pricing
$59.99 $60.00
Best Complete Skateboard
You can check the latest price by clicking on the above link.

Is your kid desperate to learn skateboarding? But you do not have any idea about a durable skateboard brand that also fits your budget?

You should stop worrying because we have a solution to all your issues. This skateboard of Rimable is a complete board; you do not need to research different parts.

The mini- cruiser by Rimable is specifically for kids who want to learn skating. We suggest you buy this for your little one and ask them to start as soon as they get this.

Deck Description

The deck of this complete skateboard has an ideal size of 22 inches which is perfect for kids.

This complete skateboard is not heavy, and your kid can easily carry it to school and parks. Because of the plastic deck of 22inches* 6 inches, it is long-lasting.

If your child frequently goes skateboarding and your concern is their hygiene. Then let us tell you that cleaning this plastic deck is effortless. Even your kid can clean their skateboards frequently without your assistance.

The adult can also enjoy skateboarding a few times on this skateboard as the deck is sturdy. It can hold a weight of more than 150 lbs, that are also a surprising feature.

This skateboard is a perfect gift for your kid. For all those who do not know how to assemble the board, this skateboard comes pre-assembled, so you do not need to read the list of long instructions to make it ready for use. The deck comes with various colors and patterns that kids find fascinating, influencing them to skate more.


It will ensure the safety of your kid with premium quality Wheels. Your kid will experience trouble-free riding and find balancing overboard trouble-free.

The superior quality polyurethane bushings are used on wheels. The trucks are of aluminum and 5- inches in size to support riding on rough surfaces.

  • Best affordable skateboard brand for kids.
  • Available in different colors and patterns.
  • Easy to carry.
  • Do not support uneven surfaces.

POSITIV Team Complete Skateboards

Best Complete Skateboard
POSITIV Team Complete Skateboard Pricing
$74.99 $79.99
Best Complete Skateboard
You can check the latest price by clicking on the above link.

The most discussed brand name in the skating business is POSITIV. The skateboards of this brand are the board bundle for amateur and specialist skaters. It has its underlying foundations in the gathering of Andy Macdonald, Rodney Jones, and Sandro Dias.

How about we start by getting your head around the possibility that you are currently in charge of all parts of your online achievement? The exceptional showcase of these skateboards fusing the light blue or red squares arranged into crosses makes it an eye-discovering thing for everybody.

The leading body of these skateboards has in its center a radiant blue-hued cheery logo and the name of Andy Macdonald’s that grandstands the planning of the board done by Andy.

Deck Description

The curved utilized for the deck is Okay. The deck’s size and width are around 32.125 inches and 8.0 inches, respectively. Furthermore, the tail of the deck measures around 6.625 inches.

These skateboards are strong as the Airlam press utilized in its making keeps the various wood pieces together. This board is as an all-rounder as it can, for the most part, convey a load of around 200 pounds or significantly more.

An SST slide treatment has likewise been utilized as a covering on the lower part of the board that upgrades and fosters the length of your slides, making them robust for you.

Wheel Specifications

The material utilized for wheels is excellent Polyurethane. The wheels of these skateboards have an undeniable degree of hold and end up being a decent one to energize somebody to feature their astounding skating abilities and stunts. These skateboards are enormously prescribed at a few extraordinary roads or parks.

These skateboards are only land to every one of your goals of having superior quality Skateboard wheels for your ride. The wheels have a distance across of 54 millimeters and a width of around 37 millimeters, and a hardness of 99A.

These skateboards are even appropriate for surfaces of tricky nature as the wheels are impeccably grippy. The legitimate plan and situating of the trucks make them a proper transporter to mount a decent stature.

These skateboards are an incredible conveyor of any sort of harm due to their increase employ and vigorous development.

These are moderately simple to oversee and light to control, making them advantageous for minor children or fledgling skaters.

  • It is superb to skate anyplace: In a recreation area or even on your patio.
  • Improvement of skating abilities with the sunken shape.
  • Excellent wheel size and grasp are great for changes.
  • Shorter skateboards are great for moving the stunts.
  • Reasonable sheets, particularly for novice riders.
  • Reasonable for even uneven surfaces.
  • Obsolete and not-so-fantastic showcase on the board.

Merkapa 22-inch Complete Skateboard

Best Complete Skateboard
Merkapa 22″ Complete Skateboard Pricing
$44.77 $49.99
Best Complete Skateboard
You can check the latest price by clicking on the above link.

This Skateboard accompanies a LED light fitted in it and sparkles each time your child rolls. This Skateboard will likewise gleam up your child’s face with joy. It’s a moment hit in the skateboard market.

Merkapa Complete Skateboard is for fledglings and the most ideal for your 2-3-year-olds. It comprises excellent plastic, and thus it’s lightweight. Kids learn quicker with Merkapa skateboard as they can undoubtedly adjust and journey.

Merkapa involves excellent Polypropylene for solidness and strength. ABEC-7 headings are fitted in plastic sheets.

This Skateboard is the ideal decision for your kid, and the LED light makes it considerably edgier.

  • Deck size fluctuates from 17-22 inches.
  • The deck is made up of lightweight plastic.
  • Accessible in 11 tones and has LED lights.
  • ABEC-7 evaluated metal rollers for simple cruising.
  • Costly.

Gentle Monster Skateboards

Best Complete Skateboard
Gentle Monster Skateboard Pricing
$49.95 $50.00
Best Complete Skateboard
You can check the latest price by clicking on the above link.

The Gentle Monster Skateboard is the ideal complete skateboard for riders of all levels. Whether you are a newbie or a professional skateboarder, it suits every rider. We suggest you try this skateboard for once to have a fantastic skateboarding experience. It is suitable for riders of every age group, either kids or adults. This skateboard comes pre-assembled, so you don’t need to work on assembling the parts.

Deck Description

The deck of this skateboard is strong enough and resistant to shock. You can easily place your feet on the board without fearing Falling. The deck has grip tape that ensures your safety and maintains complete control while skating.

This skateboard is 31-inches* 8 inches which is pretty spacious for you to maintain safety.

The deck’s shape is concave, ensuring the best riding experience with two power paddles.

In addition to this, the waterproof surface helps you in smooth riding.

The skateboarders love their skateboards with attractive designs and colors. This skateboard has staggering graphics with different shades, which attract everyone.

The nine layers of premium Canadian maple wood add more strength to the skateboard. We are talking about the strength; we further want to add that the deck is strong enough to carry a weight of more than 200 lbs.


This skateboard has wheels of 54mm in size. The wheels have layers of polyurethane bushings. Also, the premium quality ABEC-7 bearings make wheels ride smoothly.

One can speed up quickly while riding because trucks help riders to ride smoothly at High speed.

Performing various tricks and stunts is convenient now for all beginners and professionals. The surprising feature of wheels that makes them look amazing is light. The wheels of this skateboard light up automatically when it is dark.

  • Capable of holding the heavyweight.
  • Graphics do not fade with time.
  • Wheels light up automatically in the dark.
  • Options are minimal for colors and graphics.

Retrospec Quip Skateboard

Best Complete Skateboard
Retrospec Quip Skateboard Pricing
$33.99 $39.99
Best Complete Skateboard
You can check the latest price by clicking on the above link.

This skateboard will make you remind of the 70s with its structure. We all know that old is gold, and this skateboard is also as perfect as gold. It has all the features that can attract beginners and even professional skateboarders. This board is affordable and reliable; any beginner could use it to learn skateboarding.

Deck Description

The deck of this complete skateboard is immensely more durable than other skateboard brands. It is 22.5 inches in size, which is an ideal size for beginners.

The board deck is made up of plastic which is of premium quality. The good thing about plastic boards is that they are easy to wash and maintain. This board is very flexible and perfect for taking out skateboarding. The deck does not weigh high; even a kid can carry it anywhere. It weighs fewer than 5 lbs, significantly less than other skateboard brands. You do not need to worry about the quality of the deck because it is capable enough to resist shocks while riding. The deck is available in various colors, so you have options to choose from. The colors are bright and attractive, which further makes this skateboard classier.


The wheels of this skateboard help in providing a fantastic riding experience. Although the board size is small, there is no compromise on the quality of the wheels.

The polyurethane bushings and ABEC-7 bearings ensure smooth and safe skateboarding. This skateboard will always support you if you want to speed up faster.

You can bring this board to your college or school because it is easy to carry. This skateboard ensures smooth riding on rough and flat surfaces. Those who love traveling and exploring various places will face no trouble with this skateboard. Your search for the perfect complete skateboard will end after trying this skateboard for once.

  • Durable plastic deck.
  • Easy to carry.
  • Available in different colors.
  • Light in weight.
  • Perfect for traveling.
  • You might find color bright and unsatisfying.

CCS Complete Skateboard

Best Complete Skateboard
CCS Complete Skateboard Pricing
$69.44 $70.00
Best Complete Skateboard
You can check the latest price by clicking on the above link.

Are you a newbie who is looking desperately for complete skateboard brands? We suggest you try the CCS skateboard brand. CCS skateboard is one stop for all beginners who love skateboarding, whether the skateboarder is a kid or an adult.

This complete skateboard will not cost you much, so yes, skateboard lovers don’t need to throw 150-200 bucks for a decent skateboard.

It is suitable for every rider as you do not need professional skills to ride this one.

The best part is this brand provides you with complete assembled skateboards. You no longer need to wait to build it to start your skateboarding journey.

If you want your kids to start skateboarding, consider it one of their best gifts without hesitation.

This superior complete skateboard brand has been ranked amongst the top complete skateboard brands for more than ten years.

Deck Description

As we all know, the deck is a crucial part of a skateboard. If the deck is ideal, it almost reduces your worries regarding the quality of your skateboard.

These complete skateboards of CCS have sturdy decks with premium quality materials. The seven plies of maple wood add strength to this complete skateboard. We all know that almost every top skateboard brands use maple wood for Manufacturing decks.

You will notice that ccs complete has excellent decks like any other high-quality deck. Even professional skateboarders approve of these decks. The deck is concave in shape, which is necessary to make your riding trouble-free.

CCS provides complete skateboards with many color options. You can pick up from a variety of colors available for decks. The deck does not break with harsh riding as it is efficient enough to handle threats.


CCS complete board has hard wheels to provide you smooth riding experience. The wheels are small but perfect for beginners to learn skating efficiently. These wheels are capable enough to provide complete control and grip while riding.

The bearings are ABEC-7 which are adequate for beginners. One can ride on flat surfaces without any inconvenience with this complete skateboard.

The trucks also support you when you try stunts. You can easily replace your trucks if required because bushings are soft.

  • Best for newbies.
  • Budget-friendly skateboard.
  • Available in different sizes.
  • Pre-assembled.
  • Trucks ask for replacement in very little time.
  • Not for professional skateboarders.
  • The deck lacks graphics.

Stoked Ride Complete Skateboard

Best Complete Skateboard
Stoked Ride Complete Skateboard
$104.95 $105.00
Best Complete Skateboard
You can check the latest price by clicking on the above link.

It does not matter whether you are a newbie or a professional in the skateboarding world. This board is suitable for every rider of any age group. The stock ride is the complete skateboard brand that provides you with premium quality complete skateboards on a low budget.

One cannot resist this complete skateboard as it is perfect in everything. These complete skateboards are built in Los Angeles, California. That ensures that there is no compromise with the quality of skateboards.

Deck Description

The deck is made with seven plies of Canadian maple wood to make it strong than others. These skateboard decks have a medium concave shape that is ideal and usually preferred by professional skaters.

You can conveniently perform various stunts and skating tricks without fear. The deck has premium grip tape to make balancing trouble-free on rough surfaces.


No other skateboard can give you satisfaction like this complete skateboard while riding. You will get the grip tape made with durable materials. The wheels of this skateboard are perfect for skateboarding on craggy and smooth surfaces. Two power kicks can take you to another level of skateboarding. This skateboard is an ideal complete skateboard for performing and learning various skateboarding tricks, especially for beginners.

The wheels are made with premium quality materials and are 54mm in size. This complete board has a standard truck that perfectly goes with wheels.

  • Affordable complete skateboard.
  • Perfect choice for beginners.
  • Premium quality deck.
  • Available in different colors.
  • You need to Replace trucks frequently.
  • It is not suitable for rough riders.

Buying Guide For Best Complete Skateboards

We are familiar with the name of the finest complete skateboard brands. It is time for you to learn more about the attributes you should consider while buying.

We will take you through the article that will assist you in selecting the perfect complete skateboards.

Is it worth Buying a Complete Skateboard: Pros and Cons

Are you a newbie and wish that your skateboard should be ready to go as soon as you unpack the parcel? Then you should go for complete skateboards as they will save time assembling. Get set to take your skateboarding journey one step ahead with complete skateboards by saving time.


Many skateboarders are concerned about the quality of skateboards they want to buy. It is not easy for them to trust complete skateboards. Our concern is to comprehensively analyze the skateboard brands so that the list we recommend is up to the mark. We are here to provide you with a list of the premium complete skateboards.

Some skateboard brands are not trustworthy. Some provide superior decks at low prices but compromise the quality of other parts. The quality of trucks, wheels, and bearings is as crucial as a deck. Some skateboard brands use bad-quality Polyurethane for installing the wheels. It further is a kind of compromise with skateboarder’s safety, and wheels also do not last long. The premium wheels and trucks might cost out of your budget, but the results are unbelievable. You will notice that durability is more, and safety is also considerably high.

Suppose you are a beginner in skating and want to touch the heights of skateboarding skills by learning almost every trick like a professional. In that case, our primary suggestion for you is to get yourself superior parts instead of buying complete skateboards.

We do not deny that buying premium quality parts separately is a way better option. But, if you eagerly want to buy a complete skateboard, here are some issues you need to address.

The issues that will address below are ordinary among skateboarders:

Issue: Trucks are either too tight or too loose. 

Tip: One needs to loosen/tighten the bolts on the kingpin.

Issue: Facing problem with wheel mobility.

Tip: You need to check the damage to bearings by removing them. You could also go for speed creams.

Should a Cruiser Complete or Regular Complete Skateboard be chosen?

This is the question we have to answer in this article as we often face inquiries related to this. The question is which is better: a complete cruiser or a regular college skateboard.

We will give you the most satisfying answer. But first, we want you to read these three key features, and you will get your answer.

Skateboard Purpose

One thing that you should consider or ask yourself before you go any further. What is the main reason that you are looking for a skateboard? Why do you need one? Do you want to take your skateboard outside?

Do you want to enjoy traveling or exploring the nearby areas? Is your goal to learn amazing stunts on board? If you plan to take your board for touring schools, parks, workplaces, etc. Then let us tell you that nothing can be as best as a cruiser.

A regular skateboard is flexible enough to provide complete control while skating and performing various tricks. It provides you with better control and grip that a cruiser can’t. And, if you desire to learn amazing stunts, your one-stop is a regular board.

Best Skateboards for Beginners

Size of Wheel

The wheels of regular skateboards are small in size, and you also have a hard layer. Because of these attributes, it is possible to face craggy surfaces while riding. The skating gets trouble-free in parks and roads, and riders experience a smooth riding experience.

The wheels of cruisers are comparatively large and not hard enough to support riding on craggy surfaces.

Shape of Deck

You will spot the difference in the shapes of cruisers and regular skateboards. The body of the regular skateboards is capable enough to provide safety to riders while performing stunts. There are different shapes for decks having their pros and cons.

Skateboards: The Complete Buying Guide

We all know that before taking a step, it is always beneficial to research the same.

For some of us, little research is not enough for those who take the time to execute their plan. We have already done the required investigation for you.

All you need to do is go through this guide before placing your skateboard order. Maintain your trust in us so we will never disappoint you with our work.


The foremost concern for every rider while finding the perfect skateboard is budget. But, we have options available for everyone which are budget-friendly.

One can easily select a skateboard for less than $60, and if you are looking for a premium quality board, it will also cost you less than $250. It depends on you how you prepare your budget. All you need to think about is what attributes you need your board should have. We can only provide you best suggestions, and the list we have above consists of only premium brands on a low budget.


images 2

The crucial part of a skateboard is its wheels. It is no use if a board does not consist of premium quality wheels.

To have a smooth riding experience, everyone needs to ensure no compromise with wheel quality because only wheels contribute to the speed, even on rough surfaces.

To have a premium wheel, you have to consider these two points:-


Almost every skateboard brand uses PU for wheels, i.e., Polyurethane. The quantity of Polyurethane depends on the purpose of the wheels.

To check whether the wheels are hard or soft, you should check the durometer of the wheels. Most skateboards have 99A as a durometer; if it is more than 99A, its wheels are harder. The only purpose behind checking the durometer is to find the wheels as per requirements.


The preferred size of wheels is always between 50mm and 75mm in diameter. It is always experienced that large wheels allow you to speed up high. On the other hand, Wheels that are small in size have low speed. A skater should opt for small wheels to learn and perform various stunts. Small Wheels are the right choice for anyone interested in exploring and traveling on skateboards.


61dG7US7JsL. SL1200

The choice of the wrong deck can spoil your skateboarding. The deck is the main part of the skateboard, and every skateboarder should provide great attention to its quality. To ensure that the deck you are admiring is the perfect pick.

There are some points that you should consider and check properly:


Maintaining control over the board becomes quite impossible, especially for beginners, if the size is not suitable. Some of us believe it is essential to check the length of the skateboards. Let us tell you that it is not necessary to check skateboard length; instead, you should check the deck’s width.

The width of the board is usually between 7.5 inches to 8.5 inches. You need to choose by considering your skating needs.


Every skateboard brand prefers a length between 28-inches and 32-inches for skateboards, which has become an ideal size. The skateboard with long lengths has a narrow board. Similarly, a board with a short length is comparatively broader.

Wheel Base

The wheelbase is the difference between the center of the front wheels and the rear wheels.

It would be best if you went for a larger wheelbase to maintain stability over the skateboard. The size of the wheelbase is usually between 13 inches to 15 inches. Please check the wheelbase distance before buying the complete skateboard.


You must check the quality of the material of the brand that it uses in building the skateboard before you buy one. The board of low-quality material will break down quickly, leaving you disappointed. So, choose a skateboard after ensuring that every material is of premium quality as the quality of material adds durability to the product.

The deck should be of premium quality, so it doesn’t snap easily after practicing a few stunts. The material with superior quality ensures your safety on different surfaces, so pick your skateboard after considering this point. The decks of the skateboards are mainly constructed with wood, resin, plastic, and aluminum. These are the most preferred option by every leading skateboard brand globally.


Graphics is the most exciting part of every skateboard. So while picking up the right skateboard for yourself, choose graphics wisely. It is assumed that the graphics on your skateboard defines the Fashion sense of the skate riders.

Plenty of options are available in different colors, from subtle to dark. A skateboarder can easily impress others with their taste by customization of graphics overboard.

You can add more grace to your skateboard Decks by applying stickers to make them look fascinating.


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The bearings allow the wheels to roll smoothly. You should always buy premium quality bearings to make your riding trouble-free.

The skateboard manufacturing companies generally use steel and ceramic bearings. If you’re planning for steel bearings, then it’s good for you to take lubricant also. Because steel bearings ask for regular maintenance, they are also durable.

The ceramic bearings will cost you a bit higher than steel bearings, but maintaining them is not much required. The bearings of skateboards have 608 sizes with 77m of width and 22mm of diameter.


The truck’s height is essential in maintaining stability over the board. If the truck’s size is low, then stability is high, and it should also have small wheels.

The high size of trucks is always considered best with wheels of large size, which is always suitable for cruising.

We want to remind you again that your preference plays a vital role in choosing the right skateboard.

Grip Tape

It has its meaning in the name itself that simply suggests that it is for ensuring grip. The use of grip tape is necessary to make your balance trouble-free over the board.

It ensures that when you place your feet on board, your feet should not slip off board.

To check whether the grip tape is perfect, you need to check its durability, and for that, you should check that it doesn’t tear off with slight pressure.

Riser Pads

The sole purpose behind riser pads is to protect the wheels from hitting the deck. Whenever you try stunts, there is a possibility that the wheels of a board could hit the deck, which is terrible.

Riser pads are used to provide more comfort to the riders and solve the problem mentioned in the above lines. These pads are made of plastic and fixed between the board and the trucks to enhance height.


To fix the parts of the skateboard, manufacturers use hardware. We suggest you buy hardware as soon as you purchase your skateboard.

Hardware is an asset; you will never know when you need them. The bolts are of higher use, and buying them will never make you regret them. To make a list of small items is worth full. As these are as important as the main product is a good decision always to avoid forgetting.


In the above article, we performed our best to review some of the top leading skateboard brands. Before writing the given article, every skateboard brand is deeply observed by us. So without any hesitation, we can say that the information is so accurate to the best knowledge of us.

Per our observations and findings, the best complete skateboard brand is the 32-Inches Maple Skateboard by Minority. It has all the qualities that can satisfy your skating desires.

Minority maple 32 inch skateboards

This board provides steadiness while riding on every surface. A skateboard of any age can learn various skating stunts on this board without threat. This skateboard is made with premium quality materials, so the deck is perfect in every aspect.

The staggering graphics will leave you speechless with the fascinating Outlook. The board adds more smoothness to riding with its ABEC-9 bearings.

If you find this article interesting, we would recommend reading our article on Best Skateboard Brands.

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