Best Cheap Skateboard Brands In 2022

List of Best Cheap Skateboard Brands In 2022
cheap skateboards

Are you are looking for cheap skateboard brands? Well, here is the best guide with latest details.

Then it is not as difficult as it seems. You just need to consider the points which are described in the article below. Once you read the article it will be easier for you to pick the best skateboard at a low cost.

Let us take a look at the points that ask for attention.

Best Cheap Skateboards In 2022


Cal 7 Complete Skateboard

Best Cheap Skateboard
Cal 7 Complete Skateboard Pricing
$49.95 $50.00
Best Cheap Skateboard
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Cal 7 is one of the best complete and affordable skateboards. If we have to rank the best beginner skateboard then Cal 7 will be on top.

The quality is premium and, also every part is perfect. we want you to buy this if you want a completely reasonable skateboard. It works wonders and motivates you to do more practice skateboarding.

This skateboard is suitable for all levels of riders. The best part is it comes with a warranty therefore, you don’t need to worry if you face any issue with any part.

The Cal 7 complete skateboards are classic and provide you modern look during riding.

Deck Description

The quality of the deck is just unbelievably amazing. It will make you think that how can we get such staggering features at a very low cost.

There are very few chances for a deck to create any issues for you. It is a perfect choice for beginners and even professional skateboarders.

The premium quality of Canadian maple wood makes the deck sturdy. The seven layers of maple wood add flexibility to the skateboards. we all know that maple wood is indeed the best wood to make a skateboard deck.

The size of a deck is eight inches which provides enough space for the placement of the rider’s feet.

Also, the graphics on decks are amazing and available in different colors. You will find everything on this complete skateboard deck by Cal 7.

The shape of the deck is perfect to add more thrill to your skateboarding journey.

It is very easy for a beginner to leave balancing on this skateboard only because of premium quality.


The polyurethane wheels help in providing a smooth skateboarding experience. No matter, whether the surface is smooth or craggy wheels ensure the safety of riders.

This skateboard has 52mm / 100A urethane wheels which help in providing grip during skateboarding. You can easily ride without having fear of falling as wheels are hard enough and shock-resistant.

This complete skateboard has 5.25 inches trucks with ABEC-7 bearings. The rating of bearings is quite high if we compare the prices. The skateboard does not weigh high because of superior quality aluminum trucks.

These aluminum trucks make skateboarders light in weight hence easy to carry. A person with heavyweight can ride on this skateboard trouble-free. All thanks to the premium grip tape that prevents the deck from breakage If a heavy person rides on it.

  • Comes with one year of warranty.
  • The rating is 99 on a durometer.
  • Deck available in different colors.
  • Premium quality grip tape.
  • Seven layers of maple wood.
  • 95A bushings to protect against damage to wheels.
  • Light in weight.
  • Prone to wet surfaces.
  • Do not support the weight more than 200 lbs.

Krown Rookie Checker Skateboard

Best Cheap Skateboard
Krown Rookie Checker Skateboard Pricing
$44.95 $49.95
Best Cheap Skateboard
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This is a budget-friendly complete skateboard. This skateboard is highly popular among professional skateboarders.

 The known is the ruling skateboarding brand for more than 20 years.

The reason behind its high demand is the skateboard look. No one can resist this complete skateboarder, especially an art lover.

The low price and elegant print of the skateboard add to its popularity among riders of every skill level.

Deck Description

The deck is the attention seeker because of the fantastic and catch graphics on it. Not only the outlook but the quality of the deck is also up to the mark. Canadian maple wood is the best wood and almost every big skateboard brand uses it for making decks. The known Rookie skateboard is affordable and has a Canadian maple wood deck. Every material of the deck makes it high in strength and resistant to shock.

For instance, the deck of known skateboards is capable enough to carry a heavyweight person. One can easily carry the skateboard to the park and school because it weighs only 4.7 pounds. The deck is 7.5 × 31 in size which is bigger as compared to other reasonable skateboards.

The deck of a known rookie skateboard is concave in shape. The concave shape helps beginners in upgrading their skills and less time. It is easier to perform various stunts and tricks for newbies because of the shape of the deck.


The wheels of known skateboards are high-quality urethane material. The use of urethane makes wheels ride smoothly on rough surfaces. This skateboard has 52mm wheels in size which is an ideal size for all levels of riders.

We all know that even highly knowledgeable skateboarders suggest the ABEC-5 rating for beginners.

This skateboard has a rating of five bearings to ensure that a beginner can ride smoothly. The grip tape is already there on a skateboard to avoid slipping off the board. This skateboard has premium quality grip tape. The high-quality aluminum trucks are resistant to shock. It has five inches trucks that perfectly fit with the skateboard size of 7.5 inches. This skateboard is broad enough to provide space for the placement of feet of skateboarders. This is a cheap and durable board. All the protection measures are taken to avoid any injury to riders and harm to the skateboard.

  • Easy to carry.
  • Elegant and catchy graphics on deck.
  • Pre-applied black grip tape.
  • Speeds up easily.
  • A beginner might face problems with balancing at high speed.

KPC Pro Skateboard

Best Cheap Skateboard
KPC Pro Skateboard Pricing
$39.95 $44.95
Best Cheap Skateboard
You can check by clicking on the above link.

KPC PRO Skateboard is an ideal skateboard for every skating aspirant, new to the skating world, or a expert rider. The organization has been producing this Skateboard through the usage of Premium material for greater than twenty years now. This Skateboard is a great preference for expert skaters because the call has pro itself. The skaters have constantly cherished this Skateboard, and critiques on it are constantly good, which complements their recognition with inside the market. The manufactures made this Skateboard through maintaining the rider finances in mind. KPC gives you with skateboards with one-of-a-kind shade alternatives that upload greater reliability to this Skateboard. The customization is the rider’s very own preference.

Deck Description

If you’re keen about sport and wish to upgrade your board, then this Skateboard incorporates a deck integral with Canadian maple, that makes it additional strong which will assist you to strive new stunts trouble-free. It needs fewer makes an attempt to find out varied tricks. As we have a tendency to all know, that deck may be a crucial a part of the Skateboard, and KPC professional skateboard decks are expansive enough for riders of all heights. The deck of this Skateboard can elevate over two hundred pounds easily, thus your weight is not any longer a barrier. Once you begin riding on this board, you’ll find complete control because the Skateboard can reply to your wants and leave you stunned.

Wheel Specifications

No worry if you discover the wheels softer as compared to others. KPC professional skateboard will never compromise on your safety, and you’ll see no distinction within the level of sleekness. The eighty grit black tape has been used for ABEC 7 bearings that ensures a smooth sport expertise. The surface texture isn’t a retardant anymore, so prepare to experience the rolling on the tracks as your talent level won’t produce any obstacle. The wheels will cause you to want you’re floating in the air, and you will be excited once experiencing this KPC professional skateboard.

  • Mastering new tricks isn’t a problem now .
  • Pro’s love it.
  • The present day concave provides greater power to the deck.
  • Wheels might demand substitute within a short time.
  • High maintenance.

ANDRIMAX Skateboard

Best Cheap Skateboard
ANDRIMAX Skateboard Pricing
$45.99 $50.00
Best Cheap Skateboard
72 days left
You can check by clicking on the above link.

The ANDRIMAX skateboard is among the best affordable skateboards. It has a different outlook in comparison to other skateboard brands available worldwide. It has some different features that are quite impossible at this much cost. This is an ideal board for beginners from everyone’s perspective.

Deck Description

This skateboard by ANDRIMAX has a deck with staggering features which are difficult to find with a low- budget. The deck of this skateboard is a wise choice, especially for beginners. It has seven layers of premium quality Maple wood. The maple wood makes the deck sturdy and flexible.

A newbie can easily try various tricks and stunts on this skateboard without the fear of falling. Once you take this board outside it will force you to ride more and more.

A beginner can easily learn to Balance itself on this skateboard with enough space for placement of feet. The double-deck provides extra safety while riding and performing difficult tricks.

The perfect design of the deck can infatuate anyone with its shiny texture.

We all know how hard it is to do skateboarding when it is raining outside.

But, with an ANDRIMAX skateboard, nothing is impossible you can enjoy skateboarding in rain also fearlessly.

All thanks to the waterproof surface of this skateboard deck. That helps you in balancing and makes you feel confident while skating in rain.


The wheels of this skateboard are a perfect choice for beginners.

Although, the wheels of the ANDRIMAX skateboard do not provide high speed in comparison to other cheap skateboards. The wheels are 53mm in size and 95A polyurethane Material. It helps in providing grip during riding on rough surfaces.

The ABEC-11 bearings provide a smooth riding experience to beginners and even professional skateboarders. This skateboard has a special PU damping system for trucks which ensures more safety and makes riders comfortable while riding.

The grip tape has a shiny surface to make the skateboard more fascinating and elegant. This shinny grip tape perfectly suits the deck color.

  • High rebound PU damping system for trucks.
  • ABEC- 11 bearings.
  • Waterproof and non-slippery deck.
  • Premium grip tape with a shiny surface.
  • Carrying capacity of more than 220 lbs.
  • Wheels are small in size.
  • Does not provide high speed.

Xtreme Free Skateboard

Best Cheap Skateboard
Xtreme Free Skateboard Pricing
$34.99 $39.99
Best Cheap Skateboard
72 days left
You can check by clicking on the above link.

This skateboard by XTREME is a budget-friendly skateboard for newbies in the skateboarding world.

If you are a beginner and looking for a durable and affordable skateboard then this is all you need.

This long skateboard is suitable for riders of every age group whether you are a kid or an adult.

Deck Description

This skateboard has a long deck in comparison to other skateboard brands available worldwide.

The deck is 31 inches in length and width of 8 Inches. Which is an ideal length for beginners of all age groups.

The premium quality Canadian maple wood makes the deck sturdy with eight plies of maple wood. The maple adds strength and flexibility to the skateboard deck.


A beginner who loves enjoying riding skateboards at night on roads. This skateboard has amazing wheels that light up in the dark. So, one can trouble-free experience night skateboarding and exploring the city at the same time.

The size of the wheels is 54× 37mm which is an ideal size. The polyurethane bushings on wheels encourage smooth riding on craggy surfaces.

The high rating ABEC-9 bearings ensure a smooth riding experience on every type of surface. The trucks of wheels provide easy turning with premium quality aluminum material.

  • Wheels light up in a dark.
  • High-quality Canadian maple wood deck.
  • ABEC-9 bearings.
  • Wheels ask for regular maintenance and cleaning.

WhiteFang Skateboards

Best Cheap Skateboard
WhiteFang Skateboard Pricing
$45.99 $49.99
Best Complete Skateboard
72 days left
You can check by clicking on the above link.

This is an affordable skateboard for performing various tricks and stunts. The WHITEFANG skateboards are a perfect choice for beginners and professionals. It is a wise choice for learning skateboarding and cruising in streets and parks

Deck Description

The decks of WHITEFANG skateboards are high in strength. The deck has an ideal size of 32.75 inches in length and a width of 7.88 inches.

We all know that every leading skateboard brand prefers Canadian maple wood. To make a deck high in strength and long-lasting WHITEFANG skateboards also use Maple wood. The deck has seven plies of premium quality maple wood which makes deck holding capacity more than your expectations.

We are aware of skateboard brands’ names and features in the article above. But, this skateboard brand has a weight carrying capacity more than every affordable skateboard brand name given above.

The deck can hold a weight of more than 350 lbs which is higher than some of the expensive skateboard brands.


The wheels are 52mm in size with polyurethane Material. The wheels give a smooth riding experience to an apprentice in the skateboarding world. The wheels of this skateboard have 95A PU wheels. The bearings are ABEC-9 help and provide an astonishing riding experience on rough surfaces.

One can perform different stunts with superior quality magnesium alloy trucks.

The trucks are five inches in size and ensure the safety of riders while practicing various tricks.

It is not tough to maintain trucks as you can tighten them with fewer efforts.

The beginners can now practice skateboarding on every surface no matter whether the surface is smooth or not.

  • ABEC-9 bearings.
  • Magnesium alloy trucks prevent wheel bite.
  • Weight capacity more than 350 lbs.
  • Perfect choice for beginners.
  • Wheels ask for regular maintenance.
  • Truck loses frequently.

Meketec 22 Inch Mini Cruiser Retro Skateboard

Best Cheap Skateboard
Meketec 22 Inch Mini Cruiser Retro Skateboard Pricing
$34.99 $44.00
Best Cheap Skateboard
72 days left
You can check by clicking on the above link.

Could it be said that you are a student in the skating scene and exceptionally Conscious with regards to security? We have the answer for your concern; the Skateboard sent off by Meketec, a 22-inch retro skateboard ensured by CE. Regardless of whether you are a fledgling or an expert skater, this board won’t ever think twice about security. It is the main board for fledglings.

These cool skateboards are valued for a seriously extreme price, however that outperforms these skateboards’ surprising and stunning appearance that is amusing to watch and ride upon. These skateboards can end up being a phenomenal present for young ladies who are novices in skating as they can move out with it anyplace, regardless of whether it is their school, a recreation area, or a street.

These are not difficult to fit and store anyplace as it has a reduced body that is adequate to change in like manner and endure any hits and falls. These skateboards are simple and moment to ride really gathered.

Deck Description

The deck will forever furnish you with the best skating experience. Indeed, even a child can convey it rapidly to the everyday schedule as it weighs just 3.8 pounds. Just a solitary kick is to the point of giving you firm riding. The lightweight deck with an ideal size of 22 inches is comprised of great thermoplastic named polypropylene.

Rolling or cruising on any landscape is a fantastic remembered to attempt with these skateboards. The deck is comprised of tough and adaptable polypropylene, and delicate casters work with it to be more steady. There are additionally numerous dynamic shading choices to look over. On the off chance that you are purchasing this board, you won’t have a skateboard just however something correlative likewise that is wellbeing, so your security accompanies the board, which isn’t noticeable to you, yet in the period, you will figure it out.

Wheel Specifications

The wheels are strong and unbending that they won’t break without any problem. The top notch aluminum is being utilized in building wheels. Indeed, even a novice can ride quick due to the ABEC – 7 headings that left you irrefutable. The lifting power is really unbelievable that it can convey a load of in excess of 150 pounds. The wheels are wide enough with a breadth of 45 mm and a hardness of 75 A.

  • Incomparable quality wheels.
  • Lightweight.
  • Solid built deck.
  • Ideal for youngsters.
  • Wheels should be checked routinely.

JECOLOS Pro Skateboard

Best Cheap Skateboard
JECOLOS Pro Skateboard Pricing
$39.99 $49.99
Best Complete Skateboard
72 days left
You can check by clicking on the above link.

The JECOLOS skateboard is an incredible choice for all, especially newbies who admire skateboarding. This skateboard is affordable and comes with surprising features.

Deck Description

The deck is sturdy enough to protect riders from any uncertainty. It is uncomplicated to place your feet on the deck because the surface is non-slippery. The surface helps in providing grip during riding and performing various stunts. The deck is quite spacious and, even adult riders feel safe on the placement of feet over the deck.

This skateboard has a deck of 31 inches in length and 8 inches in width. The use of Canadian maple wood increases the strength of the boards. It has seven layers of maple wood which provides extra support to the skateboard. The skateboard deck is concave for enhancing the performance of beginners while performing hard tricks. This skateboard has a full-length concave shape to increase its durability.  The carrying capacity of the deck is staggering as it can hold a weight of more than 220 lbs.


It is trouble-free to carry this board outside as soon as you get this beacause the board has pre-assembled parts to save your precious time.

The wheels are resistant to shock and always give different skateboarding experiences. The use of polyurethane makes wheels more durable and ready to work on streets. This skateboard has shock-resistant wheels of 50mm size. It has ABEC-7 bearings with premium quality aluminum trucks.

  • ABEC-7 bearings.
  • Weight capacity more than 200 lbs.
  • Seven layers of maple wood for the deck.
  • Pre-assembled.
  • Support rider weight with steel axle.
  • Patterns are not up to the mark and might disappoint you.

Easy_Way Complete Skateboard

Best Cheap Skateboard
Easy_Way Complete Skateboards Pricing
$49.99 $50.00
Best Cheap Skateboard
72 days left
You can check by clicking on the above link.

This skateboard has something different from other cheap complete skateboard brands.

The SANGDE skateboard is a highly in-demand skateboard among beginners. It does not have amazing graphics but the brand provides you complementary painting set. You can paint your skateboard as per your choice. This skateboard has a different shape from other skateboards available worldwide.

Deck Description

The length of the deck is 31 inches and the width of 8 Inches. It is a perfect size for all skateboarders whether he is an apprentice or a professional in skateboarding.

The premium quality maple wood with seven plies is present in the skateboard deck. The manufacturers of this skateboard used only superior quality materials in building the deck. It can hold a weight of more than 220 lbs. So, you don’t need to hesitate during feet placement on deck.

The deck will not break down easier because it is durable and full of strength. The shape is also unique for deck i.e., light radical concave to ensure safe balancing. One can learn skateboarding tricks trouble-free on this deck. It has flat flex and a bit raised nose and tail.


The wheels have a 95A durometer and are 62mm in size. This skateboard has polyurethane wheels with ABEC-11 bearings.

It ensures a safe riding experience and more safety during skateboarding. The wheels are hard and help a rider to speed up effortlessly. This skateboard has superior quality aluminum-coated wheels to face uncertainties on different surfaces. Two power paddles are enough to perform different tricks like an ollie, hops, and flips.

It is the skateboard that can add more and more thrill to your skateboarding journey every time you ride on it.

You might face issues on rough surfaces because wheels will either provide speed or balance.

  • Paint-coated aluminum body .
  • Grip tape is waterproof.
  • Four pieces of backup bearings.
  • Free painting set.
  • ABEC-11 bearings.
  • The light radical concave shape.
  • Wheels are hard and ensure less safety on rough surfaces.
  • The colors and graphics of decks are dull and fade.

PlayWheels Ultimate Spider-Man Skateboard

Best Cheap Skateboard
PlayWheels Ultimate Spider-Man Skateboard Pricing
$24.99 $29.99
Best Cheap Skateboard
72 days left
You can check by clicking on the above link.

This skateboard is the best choice for all spider man lovers. If your kid finds skateboarding fascinating then you should gift it to them right away.

Not only graphics but this board has many features that can impress you. We recommend this as the best skateboard for kids.

Deck Description

The size of a deck is 21 Inches which will perfectly suit your kid. This skateboard suits better with kids more than age 5 and less than 10. It is because the skateboard is not big and not for adults.

Your kid can carry the skateboard to school and park as it doesn’t weigh more. The skateboard has spiderman graphics on both sides to make it look fascinating while performing flips. The deck is sturdy enough to provide complete support to your kid while riding the board.

The nine layers of premium quality maple wood add strength and durability to the skateboard.


The wheels are injected with PVC and 50mm×27 mm in size. The size of the board is an ideal size to give a smooth riding experience to kids.

It has nylon bearings that protect your child from getting an injury during riding. Only a single kick ensures smooth riding on streets and parks.

The board does not ask for much effort and, hence it is a perfect pick for all skateboarding lover kids.

  • Nine layers of maple wood for the deck.
  • Waterproof grip tape.
  • Fascinating outlook.
  • Four pieces backup bearings.
  • Not suitable for adult skateboarders.
  • The deck is only six inches wide.

PHOEROS Skateboards

Best Cheap Skateboard
PHOEROS Skateboard Pricing
$48.99 $49.99
Best Cheap Skateboard
72 days left
You can check by clicking on the above link.

This skateboard brand manufactures skateboards for both girls and boys. The PHOEROS is an affordable complete skateboard brand. It gives you a carry bag for your skateboard so that you can easily carry it to different places. The skateboard brand provides one year warranty to its buyers and makes buyers comfortable.

Deck Description

The deck has ideal size and, both kids and adults can enjoy riding on this. It has 31 inches in length and, the width is 8 Inches.

The riders of every skill level and age group can enjoy skateboarding with this skateboard.

It has a wooden deck that prevents you from slipping and maintains the safety of riders. The deck is durable and high in strength all thanks to premium quality Maple wood. The outlook is fascinating and, you can decorate the deck with your favorite stickers.


The wheels have 95A polyurethane to support both kids and adults while riding. It has high-quality ABEC-11 bearings that ensure smooth riding and protection against rough surfaces.

You can perform various stunts and tricks on rough surfaces fearlessly. The grip tape is waterproof to help you enjoy riding in light rain. This skateboard brand comes up with premium quality trucks with attractive colors.

In case you face issues with your skateboard then PHOEROS also provides 24-hour online customer support.

  • One year warranty.
  • Anti-slip waterproof tape.
  • Two backup bearings.
  • Free carry bag for skateboard.
  • Customer support available for 24 hours.
  • ABEC-11 bearings.
  • Free tools for tightening of wheels.
  • Wheels are small in size.
  • Deck has dull polishing.

Buying Guide For Best Cheap Skateboards

Are you are looking for cost-effective skateboards?

Then it is not as difficult as it seems. You just need to consider the points which are described in the article below. Once you read the article it will be easier for you to pick the best skateboard at a low cost.

Let us take a look at the points that ask for attention.


The type of style is the foremost thing that a skateboarder should consider before buying the skateboard.

You must decide this in the beginning because the journey starts with a bold decision and, helps in easy learning. You have to choose between a street or transition style.

This is the factor that completely depends upon your choice or preference. We recommend you have a basic understanding of both before you start skateboarding. Also, you can try them both in the initial learning days.


Deck Size

Is it confusing for you to decide what size of the deck is perfect for you?

Do not worry at all we will guide you through this and it will be worth it.

We will help you to in finding the perfect size for your skateboarding journey. It is necessary to decide deck size because the size of the deck ensures safe skateboarding. One should consider the riding style, body weight, and size of the shoe before buying skateboards.

If you love to ride in parks you should choose a wider skateboard. However, if you enjoy practicing stunts then a narrower board is perfect for you.

 The size of 7″ to 8.50″ decks are reliable for skating in parks and streets, and above 8.50″ are good for performing tricks and cruising.

The difference of even 0.25 can make a big change in the board’s shape. If you have wide feet then you should go for a wider deck to ensure stability.

If you are a newbie in the skating world? Then we always recommend you start your journey with a regular deck. There are plenty of sizes available for you but state advisors help in finding the perfect fit for your skateboarding journey.

Deck Material

a2654f09 f6ca 42ac 8b59 849c19415506 Decks and Surface

All those who are beginners and professionals know that maple wood is ideal for decks. The seven plies of maple wood increase the durability of the skateboards. The Canadian maple satisfies industry standards even professionals trust its strength.

Another common material is plywood that adds thickness and flexibility.

Your preference matters because some of you want lightweight and also sturdy decks. The decks having fewer layers of plywood are not heavy.

Concave Curve

We all know even professional skateboarders recommend concave shapes. A concave shape for skateboards is an ideal shape.

It allows you to have better control over skateboards. On flat skateboards, you get more space for placing your feet. The concave shapes help skaters to perform tricks and stunts without any hesitation while riding. If you are a transition style lover then steeper concave will suit you more.

There are different types of concave that you can find in decks.

If you are a newbie in the skateboarding world then-radical concave is the best option for you. it allows you to perform different styles at beginning of your learning journey.

A mellow concave deck provides more security to your foot. It improves the grip for performing difficult tricks.

We always recommend that the best concave for a beginner is medium concave. If we compare the low, medium, and high concave decks. Then don’t choose low concave directly while learning as a beginner. Because you might face a lot of problems in skateboard flips. However, your preference matters because it is entirely up to you to choose a skateboard as per your riding style.



You will spot the difference in the shapes of cruisers and regular skateboards. The shape of the regular skateboards is capable enough to provide safety to riders while performing stunts. There are different shapes for decks having their pros and cons.

If you want premium wheels with a low budget then your research ends here. Skateboarder wheels are available in different colors, sizes, shapes, softness, etc. The cost of wheels varies also but, generally somewhere between $10 to $ 60.

So, it is trouble-free to get superior quality skateboards only for $20 or $30.

We suggest that a beginner should not buy expensive wheels because they will not enhance your performance. Wheels with a 99A durometer are perfect no matter which surface you are riding on.

The durometer of wheels measures the number of shock wheels can absorb. The size of 99A is perfect for skating on craggy surfaces like streets and parks.

The size of wheels is ideal from 56mm to 66mm for Transition skateboarding lovers. The use of urethane in making wheels ensures smooth grip and safety while riding.

We recommend you choose polyurethane wheels instead of rubber wheels.


It is a crucial part of skateboards that joins the deck and the wheels together.

You can easily get yourself a cheap quality truck, and buy a premium deck by saving money. You need to consider the size of your deck to choose the perfect trucks for your skateboard. You should check that the truck size of 169mm is perfect for a 9-9.5 inches deck and 159mm trucks fit with 8.6 to 9 inches deck width.

So, it is clear that deck size matters a lot in choosing trucks for skateboards.


IMG 0309

The regular bearings cost range starts from $15 that is not much amount.

The durability of the bearings depends on the level of usage. If you do a lot of skateboarding then clean your bearings frequently to make them last longer.

The bearings help in the smooth working of wheels in other words bearings allow wheels to roll smoothly.

The ABEC bearings start with ABEC-1 and stop at ABEC-9.

This rating from one to 9 is a scale to understand the quality and effectiveness of bearings. The ABEC- 9 bearings are indeed the tightest and provide higher speed to wheels even on rough surfaces. If you are looking for good and cheap bearings then we suggest you choose ABEC-5 bearings.

A skateboarder especially a beginner it is necessary for you to consider your riding style before getting bearings.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Much Should a Good Cheap Skateboard Cost?

The answer to this question somewhere depends on your budget.

But yes, you can get the best skateboard at a very low price. Usually, the low-budget skateboards cost starts from 70 dollars. Most of the cost-effective skateboards cost less than 150 dollars.

A premium quality skateboard for a beginner costs around 80 to 150 dollars. The higher the quality of components adds to the overall cost of a skateboard.

Is It Possible to Make a Skateboard Cheaper?

The answer to this question is always a big yes. You just have to do a little bit of research on skateboard parts. Once you end your research you can easily divide your budget for buying parts separately.

You can also go for second-hand skateboards parts. Although it is time-consuming once you fully customize your skateboard it will be worth it. It is easier for you to put preference first in designing your skateboard.

We recommend you read our article to gain knowledge about the cost of various skateboard components.

Buying parts separately is the best way to make a skateboard cheaper and also trustworthy.

What Is More Cheaper? Building or Buying a Skateboard?

We always mention that the needs of a buyer play a very important role. Our job is to provide you with correct information and guide you from tip to toe about skateboards.

It is trouble-free to get premium complete skateboards at an affordable price.

But as per our knowledge, a beginner should always buy a complete skateboard because as a beginner you might face problems in assembling and choosing parts.

You can easily find second-hand parts of a skateboard at a cheap price. But you never know when they stop working plus you can’t trust their quality. However, with enough knowledge, one can get superior quality skateboard parts. As per our observations buying a completely affordable skateboard is a better option. Again, we would like to highlight that your preference is very important.

How Much to Spend on a First Skateboard?

photo 1591311337241 cecfd26f1da1

If you are a newbie in the skating world then we suggest you not spend much on your first skateboard. Your mind can bombard once you start considering features of different parts. As a beginner, you should always consider low-budget skateboards which are flexible and strong.

We recommend you to check the quality of every part if possible. Your safety matters a lot and for that quality check is necessary.

The buying guide above can help you more than your expectations.The cheap complete skateboard costs you less than 60 dollars.

We also provided them with enough information about the cheap and good quality skateboards below 40 dollars.

A beginner should look for sturdy skateboards so that learning basic stunts do not hurt. The skateboards with good quality are easily available at a very low price so, go for one.

What’s the Price of a Decent Skateboard?

If you want to start your skateboarding journey with a decent skateboard then don’t worry about the cost.

It is trouble-free to find a good skateboard that costs between 70 to 100 dollars. If you find one below the above range then be careful about quality.

You can get a premium quality skateboard for $200 to $400.

What Makes Skateboards Expensive?

The answer to this question is very obvious because it’s the quality of materials that make the product expensive.

In the same way, the quality of skateboard parts adds to its cost. The premium quality trucks, wheels, and other parts plays important role in deciding skateboard price.

The size, colors, and quality of the deck increase price, and cost varies from brand to brand. If you buy polyurethane wheels then they will cost more than plastic. The skateboard becomes costly If you buy bearings more than ABEC-5.

So, a good quality part asks for a high price because it is trustworthy and ensures safety.

What’s the Best Option? Online vs. Walmart Skateboards

Without any doubt, we can say that online skateboards are better.

This is because skateboards available on Amazon and eBay satisfy us in every way. You can search best cheap skateboard brands on Amazon and compare them with Walmart. Buying skateboards online left no doubt in your mind because information about every part is already there.


Finding a cheap skateboard with premium quality parts is not a problem for anyone.

You just have to go through our buyer’s guide once. With the help of buying guide, anyone can believe that good quality skateboards are not hard to find at a low price. So, no matter if you’re a beginner or a professional skateboarder low budget skateboards does exist with premium quality.

As per our observations, the only skateboard that satisfies every need is Cal 7 Complete Skateboard.

Complete Mini Cruiser by Cal 7

It has all the features that are unquestionable and trustworthy.

Let us start with bearings.

The bearings of this skateboard are ABEC-7 which are reliable and long-lasting.

These polyurethane wheels ensure safety and a smooth-riding experience.

The quality of the deck is also superior with seven plies of maple wood.

To make a deck more sturdy the attached trucks are 5.25 inches which provides better control.

The quality of grip tape is superior to avoid slipping of feet off the deck.

To less your worries this skateboard comes with one year warranty.So, even if any part breaks down you don’t need to worry about expenses.

Do not waste your time thinking and worrying. Just go for Cal 7 complete skateboard. You need not think twice before buying this complete skateboard.

Just place your order without any hesitation and best of luck for an amazing journey ahead in skateboarding.

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