About Us

About Us

SkateaboardBase consists of different types of blogs that are only related to skateboards and skateboarding. No worry if you are a newbie or professional in the skating world, SkateboadBase will always help you in overcoming obstacles. It comprises many groups: tips-tricks, general tutorials, skateboard purpose & buying guide, reviews, accessories.

Do you want to start skating but lack knowledge, stop feeling stressed and reach out to SkateboardBase once. SkateboardBase consists of many articles that will guide you. The articles give you every possible information that a skater needs to know. SkateboardBase will also assist you in choosing the best skateboard for yourself. The writings of StateboardBase also provide you with tips and various tricks required in skating. You will get to know everything from top to toe without any effort. The information provided is accurate to the best to our knowledge. The sole objective of state advisors is to help every skater out there under one roof.

Founders of SkateboardBase?

The founders of SkateboardAdvisors is a group of skating enthusiasts who encountered numerous difficulties while starting out their skateboarding journey due to lack of guidance and limited information present regarding the sport. It was founded on April 10, 2015, for providing skating articles. Every founding memner is a highly passionate skateboarder. Their obsession with skating is unmatchable, as they are very determined skateboarders. The writers of every article available on SkateboardBase are the original founding members themselves. They spend most of their day skateboarding as it is their passion.

They noticed that every time they try skateboarding, they experience something different. They have gained a lot of knowledge and understanding about skateboards and skateboarding at the same time.

They ultimately took the initiative and decided to share their knowledge. Team’s love for skateboarding is immense, and many skating aspirants out there want to gain their knowledge. This decision of our founding members proved SkateboardBase as the most reliable platform for all skateboarders.

Vision and Mission

SkateboardBase’s primary concern is to guide you until you become a professional skateboarder. We will assist you with everything related to skateboards. Skateboarding is well-liked among people of every age group. It is a sport that needs patience and diligence to become a champion.

Are you interested in skating but do not have enough information for choosing the best skateboard for yourself? Do not worry; We will help you find the most suitable board for all your skating aspirations?

Beginners should follow our articles to learn the initial steps for skateboarding. We will provide you with tutorials on various tricks. Our team will make sure that you experience the best riding every time you go out skating. We have articles about every single board that also includes longboards and buying guide articles on a longboard. Your age, height, skill level every aspect is covered in the articles provided by our website.

A beginner, kid, or professional skateboarder can rely on us. SkateboardBase will help you in finding the best cruiser skateboards keeping your budget in mind. We are on a mission that provides wings to skateboarders with our well-explained and detailed articles.


Once you start to follow our articles, SkateboardBase assures you that your time will be worth it. We regularly update our articles so that you do not miss any information.

In no time will you realize that you are becoming a better skateboarder, only because you are reading our articles precisely with regularity. SkateboardBase is now gaining popularity among skateboarders. Our website has more than 45,000 organic visits per month.

Feel free to contact us; all you have to do is visit our website skateboardbase.com. You have to fill the form, and our team will revert within few hours. We have brought the best skateboard brands together. All your doubts and queries get resolved on this platform.

Isn’t it the easiest way to learn skating? Because without any deep research you are getting the best knowledge. Buy the skateboard that fulfills your requirements and leave the rest on us. Just go through our website and start following as it says. In no time, your family and friends will start giving you compliments for your skateboarding techniques.

SkateboardBase welcomes your suggestions; please let us know if you find something that we need to address. We treat you as our family where every member is free to give advice. Every skateboarder becomes part of our family as soon as he visits our platform. SkateboardBase make sure that communication is possible so that our community can become significant online.