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How It Work

How We Make The Best
Product Reviews

When it comes to finding the best Skateboards' product reviews, we're your number one source. We've got the tools, talent, and taste buds to sort through -hundreds- of products and rank them for you.
Market Research
We continuously scour the web for new Skateboard products, ratings, feedback, and comments. Then, we aggregate all of this into a central database that keeps our readers up to date.
Identifying key features
We wade through all of that data to identify the key features of each product.
Selecting products
We gamble on our subjectivity and opinions to determine our rankings.
Analyzing reviews
We take that data and analyze it to identify trends in ratings.​
Manual testing
We take each product that makes it to our DB and test it out in the field. We put them through real-world scenarios by personally using them -as recommended- to give you an accurate review.​

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